Happy Birthday FO

Well, the party was this weekend, so now I can share!

Pattern: Nicky Epstein’s “Animal Pullovers (Elephant)”, from back issue of Knit It!

Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8, colors 14 and 201 (6 and 1 balls for the 4-year size)

Time Elapsed: 6 days, booyah

Notes/Modifications: The biggest change (other than skipping the Wool-Ease) was to make the edges seed stitch instead of rolled stockinette. I made most of the length measurements slightly shorter to accommodate this.

I also made the neckline a crewneck, since A. doesn’t like anything snug around his neck. I like the changes, and will probably do the same thing again when I make the duck version for Jacob. I’m not the biggest fan of intarsia, but sometimes the result is cute enough to be worth it.

I loved, loved, loved working with the Aurora and am already planning a sweater for myself in the stuff. It’s the softest merino ever, even softer than the Zara I used for my Jo Sharp cardi. Also, machine-washable! I put my swatch in the washer with a bunch of Jacob’s clothes on the “normal/fast” agitation setting (cold water), and it only showed a minimal difference from the sweater (which I’d soaked in Eucalan). I’m sure one wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the gentle cycle and hand-washing.

But the best part about knitting this sweater was seeing A.’s reaction when he opened it. He got this huge grin, and immediately wanted to put it on despite rather warm temperatures. He refused to take it off for dinner yesterday, and when his mom (who generously took all of the modeled FO shots today) suggested he take it off after the photo-shoot was done, he refused again. Such obvious enjoyment is definitely the best part of knitting gifts, for me.

Final details round-up is in ravelry and the FO gallery here. And that’s it for secret knitting in these parts! Happy mother’s day to all who celebrate–I’m off to snuggle with my own munchkin.

37 thoughts on “Happy Birthday FO

  1. That is so adorable–no wonder he wouldn’t take it off! Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! What a great sweater!

  3. It’s adorable!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Oh boy, that is incredibly cute. When I was little my grandmother would make me and my brother intarsia animal sweaters. They would quite often have the front of a dog or a lion on the front of the sweater with the tail trailing off to the back. We used to love them. I am not surprised A did not want to take off his.

  5. So, so, so very adorable!!!!

  6. Absolutely adorable. Very cute pattern and a great knit!

  7. Adorable kid. Adorable sweater.

  8. Amazing!! I also am a huge Karabella Aurora 8 fan, in fact I have a whole Hourglass sweater’s worth just waiting to be made into the sweater any day now…

  9. Very cute sweater! You can tell the little guy loves it! Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. adorable!! I have made a mental note to give that yarn a try.

  11. FAB! Garment for a boy! I love elephants and the colors you used were great too!

    Which issue of Knit It was the pattern in?

  12. OK, you MUST tell me which issue of Knit It that pattern was in so I can move heaven & earth to find it. I will even do intarsia for that seater, which is saying a lot.

  13. So. Cute.

    I love that yarn too. It’s my absolute favorite.

  14. oh, that it just so cute!!

  15. So cute! That kid has a keen eye for handknits, too.

  16. Thank you thank you thank you again. Asher and I just love it. And now that you point out the modification, I love the seed stitch borders. They really add a lot to the look of the sweater.

  17. That’s awesome. I may have to make one for myself. (I’ve got a thing for elephants.)

  18. Love it! And I kind of want one for myself, age appropriate designs be damned.

  19. Oh what an adorable elephant sweater. Your intarsia looks great, and what a better compliment than one where the child wants to keep the sweater on all day!

  20. LOVE IT! Adorable!

  21. So cute! But, softer than Zara? Is that actually possible?

  22. i love the elephant, how cute! i’ve never worked with aurora, but i know zara is super soft, so it’s a feat to be softer than that!

  23. That is a fantastic sweater!! There were so well modeled too.

  24. That is so gorgeous. I am not usually that keen on picture knits but that is the best one I have ever seen!

  25. OK, I’m really going to have to get my cute protection goggles on before coming to your page!

    That is adorable!!! Oh my. And the action shots are the best.

  26. The sweater is fantastic, and how wonderful to know the recipient REALLY loves it! I look forward to seeing Jacob’s duck version : )

  27. too cute! glad to know it’s appreciated too!

  28. OMG so so cute!!

  29. What a great sweater. Intarsia was worth it in the end!

  30. That is just adorable. Have you ever tried Berroco Pure Merino? That struck me as a “thicker Zara”. If so, how does Aurora 8 compare with it. I’ve become quite a Zara fan.

  31. Oh my, that is stinkin’ cute!

  32. Ok. That is the cutest darn thing I’ve seen in a long time. No wonder he wouldn’t take it off! (And isn’t that the most gratifying reaction to a handknit *ever*?)

  33. THE cutest THING ever!!!!!!!!
    adorable sweater. adorable guy.
    so great he loves it!!

  34. SUCH an awesome sweater! Glad he likes it 🙂

  35. darling! the smile says it all 🙂

  36. Looks adorable on him! I think your intarsia looks great, Amy!

  37. I have been searching the knitting web waves for precisely this sweater. I love the modifications you made, and you can see the sheer joy exuding from the recipient’s face. BEAUtiful work.

    is there any way to still find this pattern?

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