Life, rebooted

(Edited to add: I think I’m going to do my inbox a one-time favor and just publicly say thank you SO MUCH to everyone who commented on the Cleopatra Wrap. All of the wonderful compliments and well-wishes really meant a lot to me during these past gross weeks.)

Well! That was longer, more stressful, and more lacking in the internet department than we expected. Fortunately, we’re all here safe and sound. The boxes are far from gone, but I kind of have a craft room now!

Jacob is all settled for summer camp and preschool in the fall, I continue my part time work tomorrow after a nearly 1-month hiatus (thank goodness), and someday my stash will even have a home. Things are still hectic and disorganized, but hoo boy are they getting better rapidly.

Including my knitting! I’ve had a terrible time knitting-wise, these last few weeks. I’ve started and ripped no fewer than 4 different socks. Frustrated by pooling semi-solid/shaded/whatever you want to call it sock yarn, I bought some Cascade Heritage in a beautiful solid blue-gray for another try at Rivendell. I think I have a winner, this time.

Keep your fingers crossed for me?

19 thoughts on “Life, rebooted

  1. Fingers crossed! They look great so far.

  2. How beautiful! I don’t think I’ve seen the pattern so clearly before (light, solid color yarn in a perfect dove gray is an amazing canvas for it)… best of luck with it!!

  3. Fingers, hell! I’ll cross my CABLES for you! They’ll be lovely!

  4. My fingers are crossed for you. Those socks look really good! Now I’m going to have to look up the sock pattern and see if I can figure out how the top is made… looks so interesting…

  5. Glad you made it there safely and are getting settled in:)

  6. Glad you and your family arrived safe and sound and are getting settled in. Looks like the makings of a great craft room too.

    Fingers crossed! I think that yarn’s a winner for the pattern.

  7. Glad things are getting better. That sock is lovely!

  8. Yay! Welcome home!

  9. Moving is bad enough, but moving and pregnant? Glad it’s over and you are settling in. That sock looks enchanting. I’m off to Ravelry to search out the pattern.

  10. It sure looks like a winner to me! Congrats on your successful move!

  11. a craft room! yay!!! Rivendell is stunning! I agree – it’s a winner!

  12. I bet you are worn out. The socks are lovely.

  13. your very own craft room? color me jealous. crossing my fingers…

  14. Wow – that sock is going to be gorgeous!

  15. you in mass now?

  16. I just bought a skein of that yarn … in that same colourway! It is so so so soft and the price is really good. Fingers crossed for your socks!

  17. Yay for a craft room! I love that Rivendell pattern.

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