All WIPs, all the time

…because I clearly couldn’t actually finish anything to save my life, right now. I’m appalled to discover it’s been nearly three weeks, because I don’t even have one finished sock to show you folks, let alone two.

The new version of Rivendell does seem to be a keeper, though. (Yes, for the observant, I tweaked the pattern some.) I look forward to wearing them this fall, definitely. I’m sure my feet will have un-swelled enough by then.

I also started a shawl out of my Sundara fingering silky merino, because working on size 6 needles seems to be better for the carpal tunnel than working on the teeny dpns:

It’s flower basket, and I’m just loving the way it’s turning out. As always with Ms. Clark, the pattern is extraordinarily clear and produces a lovely result. The yarn doesn’t hurt either, of course.

And sewing doesn’t seem to be bothering me at all, so I’m almost done with my first solo quilting project.

The jury’s still out on it. I think, technically, it’s fine, but it’s far less to my taste than I imagined. I’m super-excited about the next quilting project, though. Isn’t that always the way with a new hobby? Initial excitement gives way to a bit of disappointment that it’s not as easy as you thought gives way to even bigger excitement about the next thing, because you’ve learned so much?

Or is that just me?

19 thoughts on “All WIPs, all the time

  1. the sock is lovely! no worries, i enjoy the WIPs as much as the FOs ๐Ÿ™‚ and i agree with you regarding new hobbies! looking forward to seeing your new quilt!

  2. That sock is beautiful. Simple yet elegant with alittle twist. I LOVE it!

    As for not having any FOs – I know how it feels. I currently have ~10 “in progress” projects and only 1 recent FO.

  3. Love the Rivendell sock…I’m sure it’s mate will eventually be just as nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ One must remember, tho, that when you are un-swollen, your hand might just be kinda busy with that baby you’ve been busy knitting all year long.

  4. Isnโ€™t that always the way with a new hobby? Initial excitement gives way to a bit of disappointment that itโ€™s not as easy as you thought gives way to even bigger excitement about the next thing, because youโ€™ve learned so much?

    That’s so true, and exactly how I felt about knitting a few years ago when I first picked it up. I should remember to tell new knitters that it gets more and more gratifying the longer you do it and the more experienced you become.

  5. Pretty, pretty Rivendell – I need the book for that!:) Yup, evertone needs another sock book, right?

  6. that sock is so pretty. i love the color.

  7. Rivendell is beautiful. I’ve been working for months on the same mitten – must be this time of year!

    The fish quilt is neat – love to see a big shot when it’s done!

  8. The sock is lovely. I do like the quilt too, great colours.

  9. That sock is utterly gorgeous – it really makes me think I’ve got to start mine! And I’m looking forward to seeing more of that quilt. I’m a novice quilter too, and I find it difficult as well. But like you, that only makes me want to do it more and get better at it.

  10. That sock is very very very pretty. I really like the pattern.

  11. Those are beautiful socks – it I were a stronger purler, I’d try them!

  12. That is just a beautiful sock! Can’t wait to see your shawl progress.

  13. Lovely sock! Can’t wait to see your flower basket and quilt!

  14. That sock is utterly lovely! I think all new hobbies have a special attractiveness about them but its only passions that persist past that initial love affair stage.

  15. That Rivendell is beautiful! Does the purling bother your CTS? I’ve found that projects with a lot of purling (and yeah, on tiny needles) make my wrists hurt more than those without.

  16. Hope all is well with you. I’ve nominated you for a blog award! Come check it out.

  17. I wouldn’t make progress on said sock either, because I’d have to stop and just admire my work and the artistry of the pattern. Quite lovely… Must go be sure that’s in my queue. (Visiting from Ruth’s blog – congrats on your award!)

  18. Can’t wait to see your new little “finished object” soon! When are you due again? Miss you & hope all is well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. It all looks great! Take it easy on the wrists. I love pattern designers/writers who do such a good job, one can just launch in with confidence that it will all work out.

    I like the fabrics in your quilt. I know the feeling of wanting to get an early-into-the-craft project done so I could move on to the next, where I have usually done better.

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