Unintentionally Silent

Sorry about that, folks, and thank you SO MUCH for all of your well-wishes and congratulations. No time at the moment to reply to each individually, but I read and cherished them all. They really got me through a rough couple of first-days-home. As to the long silence–in addition to the general craziness, there was a very strange bug with my wordpress installation that took some time to track down. We’re all still here, and well, and stumbling our blind way through the newborn phase again.

I wish I had more fibery goodness to share with you than I do. The baby is putting a predictable strain on our finances, so all that crazy yarn-club joining I did back in February is it for yarn acquisition around here. Which is fine–I have plenty of yarn, after all, and it’s nice to get little pick-me-ups in the mail every so often.

(Jacob enjoys it, too.) Life with a three-year-old and a newborn is having a predictable effect on my knitting time, too. We’re taking plenty of pictures, though. So how about I distract you with a few of those while we all wait for regular knitting content again?

Jacob took this one, actually. I had the tripod set up, and he figured out how to locate us through the viewfinder and click. Toddler-proof digital camera for Hanukkah, maybe?

Here’s a better look at Daniel, from last week. Since then, he’s gotten a terrible case of baby acne. (Poor thing.) Finally, a sneak peek of the little knitting I’ve managed to accomplish.

You can see more pictures of the baby and the family, if you’re so inclined, on flickr. I’ve been doing a self-portrait project since Daniel was born, and I’m enjoying it. I’m sure knitting will return here eventually, but until then: Who’s going to Rhinebeck? Other than Daniel and me, I mean.

22 thoughts on “Unintentionally Silent

  1. Congratulations on another beautiful baby.

    I’ve been reading your blog for several months, but this is the first time I’ve written. Your knitting is lovely.

    We’ve been planning this year’s Rhinebeck excursion since last year. I’ll be meeting my mother and 3 of her (our) knitty friends who drive up from Ohio. We’ll be there when the gates open on Saturday (already hoping for good weather like last year).

    Maybe we’ll see you there.


  2. Oh my that is the cutest little face! Made my afternoon!! You will get to knit again.. I am sure!

  3. What a cute baby he is. Hope the acne is going away.

  4. I will totally be there, with a pocket full of lipstick. Why all the cosmetics? Because that baby needs smooching!

  5. What a doll…who was expecting you to blog with a toddler and a newborn? Words are nice, knitting is too, but posting a pic of cute kids now n then works just fine!

  6. Me, me! I’m going to Rhinebeck! I’ll see you and Daniel there, if not before then. I’m happy to hold/sling/rock/bounce whenever you need a baby break. Just ask 🙂

  7. What beautiful babies! Hey, there’s plenty of time for knitting, but they’re only that little once, and for a very, very short time!
    Enjoy every minute, and throw us a picture every now and then.

  8. too cute!!

  9. daniel is beautiful! i hope you’re settling into a schedule and getting some rest 🙂 how were we not yet friends on flickr?!

  10. Aww!! Adorable, Amy! 🙂 Daniel and Jacob are going to be the best of friends… I just know it! I know this sounds crazy, but if you put a tiny layer of breastmilk on the baby acne, they go away more quickly.

    Hope all is well with you guys!
    Love from Monterey,
    Christine & Ashley

  11. Daniel has that grumpy old man face that I just adore in babies. So glad you’re going to Rhinebeck–I remember how sad you were last time, and am so happy for you that there is pure joy to celebrate this time around:)

  12. I’ll be there with full crew – and, with any luck, Ian & Patrick will be staying with Dan most of the day. We’ll get to the area on Thursday. I think I put full details in a package heading your way. If I forgot, would you mind shooting me an email in the next month?

  13. Thank you for sharing with us such an amazing time in your life!

  14. Amy, hi from Singapore — I’m here via Ravelry, where I saw a photo of you and Daniel on your profile page. Congratulations! He looks like Jacob, huh?

  15. Your kids are adorable! Enjoy them as much as you can – the knitting will come back. 🙂

  16. ohhh, i’ll be there and my arms will be empty should you feel the need for break!

  17. I’m glad you and Jacob and the baby are all getting some time together. You look great! and the baby is too cute with that expression he has.

  18. You have gorgeous children, tell Jacob he is very clever to have taken such a nice picture! I am amazed you have got that much knitting done, I don’t think that I did any for months when I had our baby!

  19. Oh, they are both way too cute. Jacob looks like he got much bigger since I last saw his pictures. And I have a feeling that the little one will catch up with him soon. I hope to see you both at Rhinebeck. I will be there this year!

  20. OMG! You are so stinking cute. Totally love the flickr set. I added you to my “friends” so you can view my whole family set – not huge but there are plenty. The elusive Moxie is even featured. My screen name is mindofwinter. I am so happy for you. The boys are gorgeous.
    Love, J

  21. Congrats on surviving these first few weeks!

  22. I’ll be at Rhinebeck–I hope we run into each other.

    I’d recognize Flower Basket anywhere. I’ve been thinking about it all day because it makes great scarf-sized shawls for gifts.

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