Because I’m going to keep milking this for all it’s worth, given my sad lack of knitting time:

Sneak preview of something I actually finished, by the gods. The bigger knitting news this week, though, is that I embraced my inner single-sock-knitter self. I’ve known for weeks that I just wasn’t pleased with the way my first Rivendell sock turned out. It’s lovely in pictures and in person, but just isn’t right for my feet. It feels and looks inside-out to me, when worn. I slogged through half of the second sock before admitting to myself that I had no desire to work on it or wear a finished pair. Within minutes, I’d frogged the sucker and written email asking if a certain shop owner might take a singleton off my hands. I feel So. Much. Better.

And then, I cast on something for Daniel:

After seeing a certain adorable baby in a partially-finished tomten, I just had to hop on the EZ bandwagon. A short swatch and I was ready to go. I’m hoping this will be suitable for this fall/winter and next spring, so I’m making it big. The current plan is to make a subtly-striped jacket out of two very similar Sundara sock yarn offerings.

That’s “Bronzed Forest” and “Mossy” sock yarn, both from the first round of Seasons Club (Autumn). We’ll see if the stripes work or if it just looks messy. Either way, it feels great to be done with the projects that lagged on for my entire last trimester. It feels like I’m really closing that chapter in my life, and that’s a good thing. Here’s to the new!

9 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. The shawl is gorgeous! And smart of you to get that sock out of your life!!

  2. Did your helper just get a haircut?

    I like the yarns you’ve picked and I’ll be interested to see how the striping works up.

  3. You got your Seasons yarn already?! Some gals have all the luck. Doesn’t Jacob look grown-up in that picture?

  4. The green yarn is lovely.

  5. ooh, tomten? awesome! i can’t wait to see it. your shawl looks awesome too.

  6. Love the shawl! Love the big boy hair cut! Good for you for saying enough is enough with the sock!

  7. I find such inspiration from your blog! Oh how I wish that I had kept both skeins so that I can copy you in the tomtem! That idea is genius!

  8. Can’t wait to see that Tomten, and I love Jacob’s haircut!

  9. The tomten is really cute, and the kind of thing a mommy can handle. I think you’ll enjoy it. I’ve barely been knitting – I don’t know how you managed to finish that lace!
    xox, J

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