FO: Flower Basket Shawl

(Also, le SIGH. Rhinebeck wound up not working out this year–Daniel is just too young to handle his extroversion and I was forced to conclude that I’d spend a lot of money to have a rotten time. Next year, he’ll be old enough for me to ditch both kids with the hub and have a really good time.)

So, in lighter news, it’s been kind of awhile since you saw an FO ’round these parts, eh?

Pattern: Flower Basket Shawl by Evelyn Clark

Yarn: Sundara Silky Fingering Merino, “Autumn Rose”. From the first Seasons Club collection.

Time Elapsed: Uhhhhh. Hm. A couple of months? I’ve honestly forgotten.

Notes/Modifications: The only modification I made to the (excellent, as usual) pattern was to knit a few extra repeats. The fingering silky merino is the everlasting gobstopper of yarn. Seriously. I had something around the yardage called for in the pattern, and got 3 extra repeats out of that ball, and probably had yarn for a 4th. It was trippy.

With the extra repeats, I got a nicely-sized shawl out of it–not so large I can only wear it as formalwear, not so small I have to wear it as a scarf. (Something like 48″ wingspan and 25″ deep?)

The yarn itself is wonderfully soft and the color really grew on me with time. I think, in the end, that it’s subtle, gorgeous, and flattering. Of course, I’m not the only fan of the finished item.

Truly, a success.

24 thoughts on “FO: Flower Basket Shawl

  1. Awww. Super sweet kidlet photos. You look wonderful – as does your new shawl.

  2. Its lovely! The kiddos are very cute too. I love that last photo.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous shawl.

  4. Isn’t it wonderful that Daniel has already taken to knitwear? He looks quite content to be cuddled up in that lovely shawl.

  5. The shawl is beautiful. And I feel your pain with Rhinebeck–I have been wanting to go for years, but now it’s teenagers who are holding me back–as I play chauffer all weekend. Maybe next year…

  6. Such a pretty shawl. I love the size and the color! Cute kids too!

  7. Simply gorgeous! I love the pattern, and I love the yarn. Too bad about Rhinebeck — maybe next year?

  8. i hope this is not too snotty or nosey (snot and noses are on the mind at our house this week….sigh…toddlers.) anyway: you look fantastic for having a new baby! i stayed plump, round, rotund even for 18 months after our little one came along. you look great and your kids are cuties!

  9. Ohh, it’s just gorgeous!! I have been trying to resist subscribing to the Sundara Sweater collection but seeing your gorgeous shawl and thinking that I could get some of this gorgeousness is seriously tempting me!

  10. Gorgeous shawl! Sorry about Rhinebeck. Welcome to the ranks of the observers!

  11. Lovely shawl!
    You were missed at Rhinebeck, but it’ll still be there next year, so don’t mourn too much. 🙂

  12. Gah! Adorable baby wrapped in handknits! I need one. A shawl … no, a baby … no, I’ll take one of each, I think!

  13. That is a beautiful shawl from the autumn rose! You pick perfect projects for the Seasons yarns!

  14. Very pretty. I enjoyed that pattern too.

  15. it’s beautiful! and the perfect size. if you hadn’t done those three extra repeats, i think it might’ve been too small!

  16. Am laughing at “ditch both kids and the hub” – that’s the yarn lover’s spirit! 🙂
    Love the shawl and the colour – aren’t these Fiber trends shawls the best? Like a good, tried and tested comfort recipe. And I like your new photo props!

  17. Very pretty, Amy! I love Evelyn Clark’s patterns. So well done and attractive. You keep showing your kids your handknits and you are going to have to start knitting 3 of everything so you can each have one.

  18. Amy, you look post-baby fabulous! Ok, regaining my composure…

    Love the Flower Basket Shawl, you are now motivating me to finish mine:)

  19. Sorry you couldn’t make Rhinebeck, but at least that means we didn’t miss you by accident 😉 Here’s hoping for next year.

  20. I hear you! I love my baby, but I’ll be happy when my boys can stay home together!

  21. So lovely! I’m sorry about Rhinebeck (I didn’t get to go this year, either), but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it even more next year 🙂

  22. That last photo makes my ovaries tinge a bit. Babies are cute!

  23. I love your flowerbasket lace shawl; I am making one for my mom in a yarn called Vinca which I got because I liked the shading of the colors, but boy does it NOT like to be ripped back. I would like the yarn you tried, so soft. Isn’t that what the pattern called for anyway? I have a question you might know the answer for; my mom is 6 feet tall, so has long arms; I don’t plan on making the full sized shawl, just the type you did but would you recommend about 5 repeats more because of the length of the “wings” or just don’t worry about it?

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