Foiled again. I feel like I’m overdue for a simple success, knitting-wise. And it’s all Elizabeth Zimmerman’s fault!

Well, actually, it’s only partially her fault. I had this sock yarn that was just calling out to be a February Baby Sweater, but the pattern specified a gauge of 5 stitches to the inch. “That’s fine”, I thought. “I’ll just increase the size of the sweater by starting with a few more stitches.”

It sounds simple, and it was. I wondered about yarn amounts, since EZ doesn’t give yardage requirements (CURSE HER), but noted that someone on ravelry had done the same modification, minus an increase repeat, with only 350 yards of sock yarn. Since I had 400 yards, I figured I’d be set.

Well, perhaps not. Now, this is the second EZ project in a month that I’ve tried to modify to work with sock yarn. And I wound up running out of (limited run!) yarn both times. Although things finally seem to be working out regarding Tomten yarn, I knew I didn’t want to do the trade/sell dance again in such a short time. So there was only one thing to do.

Ahhh, catharsis. I noticed, as I knit, that the modified version would probably fit a one-year-old–even as large as my kids come. (Ms. Zimmerman also doesn’t provide much in the way of sizing information at her recommended gauge, at least for baby things.) So I decided to simply knit the pattern as written, in sock yarn instead of DK, and trust that it would all work out for a newborn size. Fingers crossed, of course, but it looks good so far.

Once this is crossed off my list, it’s finishing Tomten and then on to a sweater for Jacob, first socks for the husband, and more winter gear. I’d love some warm mittens this year, and the boys need them too. And as much as I love the timeless quality of Zimmerman patterns, the next few projects will absolutely be of the knit-exactly-as-written-from-a-pattern-with-schematics-and-yardage-requirements variety.

(Up next: a comically big hat for Jacob. Just as soon as he’ll sit still for the camera!)

14 thoughts on “Curses!

  1. I made a newborn sized FBS in sock yarn, and it worked like a charm. Of course, I have no idea if it actually fits the newborn baby, but it looked newborn babyish.

  2. Ugh!

    Yeah, with Zimmerman, you have to kind of just plow in and make the project and then decide who it might fit. Process knitting, I believe they call it.

  3. Gahhh! Nothing pissing me off like the ole running out of yarn trick! Hope this one works out for you!
    Can’t wait to see Tomten!

  4. I would love to knit it out of sock yarn also, baby things are so nice in sock yarn… but I would need it to fit my 14 month old, shes in a 12-18 month size now. I can’t wait to see yours finished!

  5. Love that picture, Amy! Who hasn’t wanted to flip off their knitting at least once?

  6. I am working on the same sweater in Smooshy, following the pattern exactly (except for the whole flat sleeve bit … we like our baby sweaters seamless over here)–and it’s looking to be in the 3-6 month range …

  7. OMG – i just now noticed your little middle finger peeking up in the second photo! too funny 🙂

    i love EZ’s patterns, but i also cannot stand that she doesn’t provide yardage requirements or sizing information! AGHHHHH!

  8. I must admit I have yet to venture into the land of Zimmerman for fear of just the kind of issues you describe.

  9. What a bummer! While she is quite amazing, EZ can also be frustrating with her vague recipes!

  10. what a loverly colrway, i hope it works out!

    p.s.your boys are adorable!

  11. I can’t knit EZ’s stuff, too confusing for me! I need yardages, directions, sizes etc!

  12. oh no…. I am sorry that you had to rip out. Beautiful color yarn btw.

  13. […] This is a sweater with a saga. In short: Since the pattern calls for dk-weight yarn, and gives no schematics, I was worried that […]

  14. can you give me any hints or notes on the February Baby sweater. I have the book. but the pattern is not real clear.

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