FO: Syncopation, Baby

And, sneaking in without any notice, an FO!

Pattern: Kate Gilbert’s Syncopated Cap, Interweave Knits Summer 2007

Yarn: Regia Silk and Dale Baby Ull

Time Elapsed: Definitely under a week of knitting time

Notes/Modifications: No modifications. Jacob asked me to knit him a hat to wear, “to keep my ears from getting colder”. He requested red and black all together. It wasn’t hard to go from there to the Syncopated Cap pattern. Like many of Ms. Gilbert’s patterns, this is clever and a super-fun knit. The cable-like colorwork is fun, the cap shaping is really neat, and it produces a really warm hat.

The only real problem I had is that while the hat was a perfect size pre-blocking, the yarns really grew. I’m betting it will fit Jacob next year, as well.

Charmingly, he didn’t mind at all and insists on wearing it anyway (although after the photoshoot was done, he did let me roll up the brim).

I know this phase of requesting hand-knits isn’t going to last forever, so I’m cherishing every minute!

21 thoughts on “FO: Syncopation, Baby

  1. The hat is adorable as is Jacob! Baby Ull is so much fun to knit with.

  2. Gorgeous Hat!! Wow, love the colors and the pattern. Great work!

  3. I like how the pattern looks in 2 solids. I think I’ve only seen it with a variegated. It should definitely still fit next year!

  4. What a lucky woman. I can’t imagine a son of mine actually asking me to knit him something. Wonderful job on the hat, nice black and red work, mom.

  5. That’s a fabulous hat! However, my brother and I (25 and 27 respectively) still request handknits from my mom and I’m a knitter! So, never fear, I bet he’ll always ask for them!

  6. So cute! Great pattern and he definitely has room to grow into it. It’s the worst when you’ve spent weeks on something and they outgrow it in a matter of days!

  7. Wow, that’s a beautiful hat. I hadn’t seen that pattern before. It’s so nice that he’s big enough to request hand knits, and not big enough to request that you DON’T knit for him!

  8. Such a cute hat! And what a sweet kid — you’re lucky. 🙂

  9. He’s such a cutie! And good for you for making a hat that will last 2 seasons. That’s quite a feat!

  10. That is such a beautiful hat. I haven`t even noticed that pattern before. I bet Jacob won`t grow out of requesting handknits. What I get from the pictures, he has a solid yarn loving basis.

  11. It’s beautiful! As usual, Jacob looks adorable. I like the way the hat looks from the crown, with the zig zag lines.

  12. awww i love that he’s requesting handknits. i love the hat! and it’s good that he can grow into it 🙂 better too big than too snug!

  13. What a cute hat! Very sweet! and Jacob is a cute model to boot!

  14. So funny how he worked that ‘any COLDER’ in!! Such a great call on the colors, btw:)

  15. Very nice–and great pictures (as always).

    There may be a stage when he wants to look like everyone else, and your handknits will be too “different”. My 20-something son rarely wears my sweaters, but he does like the warm hat I made him some years ago.

  16. I love the hat, but don’t worry too much about him not requesting handknits. My sister is 23 and she still loves it when my mom and I knit her things. She is currently claiming that despite owning 4 hats only one is worth wearing because it is the only one that was “made with love” (the others were from a store). Thanks for sharing the hat pattern, I think it may need to go in my sister’s stocking for Christmas.

  17. So cute! I love the hat!

  18. I’ve looked at that pattern a hundred times in the mag but its never appealed to me before seeing your version – I love the colours you’ve chosen!

  19. great colorwork! your little guy looks quite pleased with it!

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