Finally Triumphant FO

Things may be looking up for the EZ knits, around here.

Pattern: Baby sweater on two needles, or the “February Baby Sweater”, Elizabeth Zimmerman

Yarn: Madelinetosh Sock, “Gracious” colorway (from the first run of Magnolia Society)

Time Elapsed: This version of the sweater and booties set were knit in under a week.

Notes/Modifications: This is a sweater with a saga. In short: Since the pattern calls for dk-weight yarn, and gives no schematics, I was worried that a sweater knit in sock yarn would be too small. So I upped the sizing, and ran out of yarn.

I then ripped it out and re-knit as written, figuring it’d all work out. And it did–the sweater measures 18″ around, which is a fine size for your average 3-month-old girl. Knit as written, I had enough yarn left over for a pair of garter-stitch booties, too. While I may not have enjoyed getting to know my inner process knitter, I will admit it turned out okay in the end.

Now let’s just hope the wee one this is for stays “indoors” for another week or two!

16 thoughts on “Finally Triumphant FO

  1. So cute! Gotta love that EZ!

  2. I love how the buttons you’ve chosen bring out the beautiful rosy tones in the yarn!

  3. looks great and the shoes are the perfect partner.

  4. Boy, when you say finished, you mean it! YOu’ve attatched buttons and everything. Awesome.

  5. I sure hope she appreciates the gift!!

    (And the “nouveau vintage” buttons really are great!)

  6. so adorable! and enough leftover yarn for booties, too 🙂 awesome

  7. Oh, the cuteness! The perfect little booties! Glad it turned out all right in the end.

  8. Wow! Absolutely sweet! The recipients will adore it…

  9. Thats so pretty, the little booties are cute too.

  10. It turned out beautifully. And I love the matching booties.

  11. Lovely. The booties are great.

  12. The buttons completely make this sweater, a nice counterpoint to the yarn. I have some Madtosh that would work well for this, thanks for road testing it!

  13. Hooray!

    This set is too adorable!

  14. i have to go with the rest of the herd on this one:the buttons are fab! so glad it turned out so cute for you. YaY!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Hi there, I would really want to knit this sweater and are hoping to buy the book soon. Since you already have the book, I would just like to know if you could resize it for any older than a year or an 18 month old baby ?? I wasn’t entirely sure a bout this idea, because all the February baby sweaters I had seen are for newborn babies.

    Thanks, Manak 🙂

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