Busy Busy FO

Richard Scarry’s “Busy, Busy Town” is the current favorite “read to myself” book around these parts. So of course, I give you the Busy, Busy Sweater:

Pattern: Chunky Cabled Sweater, from “Adorable Knits for Tots”

Yarn: Sublime Cashmerino Aran

Time Elapsed: Somewhere on the order of a month?

Notes/Modifications: I knit the 3 year old size, but lengthened the arms and length to accommodate my lanky toddler. To get the numbers, I measured a sweater that fit him well. All in all, this was a fun knit.

Jacob is a real sweetie about asking me to knit him things, but this time he out-did himself. He followed along on my progress avidly, wanting to know exactly what each piece was and how they would fit together. The morning after I finished the sweater, he retrieved it from my knitting basket, put it on over his existing shirt/sweater combo, and then refused to take it off. It’s gotten nearly daily wear since, excepting the days that reach above 40 degrees.

With all of those cables, in an aran cashmere blend, this is one warm sweater. For all of the apparent complexity, this was actually quite an intuitive knit and after the first couple of repeats of the major cable I didn’t need the chart anymore. (Oh, there’s one mistake in the directions, which is noted on Ravelry–I forget it now, but one of the rows should be a “rest” row and it’s listed as a cabling row instead. Row 6, probably?)

I guess the last thing to talk about is the yarn. The Sublime really lives up to its name in terms of the knitting experience. It’s smooth, it’s shiny, it’s got excellent stitch definition and is gorgeous when cabled. The downside is predictable, too–it’s a bit pilly. Still, I’d definitely work with it again.

Jacob says he’d wear it again, too–this sweater is his “favoritest”.

19 thoughts on “Busy Busy FO

  1. Gorgeous sweater! The rest of us can only hope to be so lucky as you! What a wonderful hand knit gift-receiver! He is so sweet:)

    I have a friend who SWEARS by Sublime…it’s pretty much the only thing she’ll knit her sweaters out of. She has one that she wears almost every day, has been wearing for over a year, and it still looks brand new! She does have to pick the pills off from time to time, but it really holds its beauty!

  2. How old is the baby? Man you are impressive! Handsome looking sweater on a beautiful boy!

  3. Oh, that is just beautiful! You make me want to go out and knit up an aran sweater again. Wow!

  4. What a cute little guy with a very nice sweater from you! The cables are awesome! Congratulations!

  5. It looks so cute on him. That’s a boy who deserves more hand knits. Appreciation is key to earning the knits.

  6. Beautiful! Oh, and the sweater is very nice, too!

  7. What a great reaction from J!

  8. The sweater looks great! And that one really knows how to get more handknits. 🙂

  9. Beautiful sweater for your son. Just lovely and the story is darling too

  10. The sweater is fantastic and looks wonderful on him!

  11. Very handsome! The boy and the sweater!!

  12. it is a gorgeous sweater. i hope that he gets lots of wear out of it!

  13. Oh, he looks adorable! I love cabled sweaters and I’m waiting for my little one to be big enough to not outgrow one before I finish it!

  14. Fabulous sweater! I quite agree with Jacob that it deserves “favoritest” status. It looks great on him.

  15. he’s so cute in his sweater! it came out really well. i love how cables can look relaxed or refined, but somehow not too busy.

  16. Oh that sweet spot of working on an intuitive cabled pattern with no side shaping – bliss! (As is that fab knit on your sweet little guy!)

  17. This is so amazing! No wonder it is his favoritest!

  18. Oh, he is just the cuti-est! Here’s hoping Daniel loves knitting as much.

    Also, great sweater!

  19. I just love how this sweater turned out! Read a couple of posts back where you thought it may be too busy? I don’t think so at all! Great job!!!

    I think I might need to make one for my 2.5 year old son. I have been wanting to try Sublime yarn out for a while now.

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