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It was clearly time for another sweater for Jacob. It had been a whole month!

Pattern: Twisted Tree Pullover (rav link)

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Color 6296, 3.25 hanks or close to 700 yards

Time Elapsed: Rav tells me about a month and a half.

Notes/Modifications: The only real advice I can add to this very clear, well-written pattern is to make sure you buy some extra yarn. I used around 50 yards more than the pattern called for, for the 4/5 year-old size, and that’s with making the neck a little wider than called for in the pattern. (I stopped when there were around 10 more stitches on the needles than the pattern called for, since I know Jacob is sensitive about things being tight over his head.)

As you can see, I chose to size this one a little large for the boy, since sweater season is almost over here and I want him to be able to wear it this fall. He doesn’t seem to mind it being oversized, and as per usual wouldn’t take it off after the photo shoot.

You should absolutely make this sweater. The cables and stockinette/reverse stockinette panels keep things interesting for the knitter, it’s practically seamless, and the result is plain enough for even the most finicky boy. (As a matter of fact, Jacob’s 15-year-old aunt said she’d enjoy one sized up for her, too!) The pattern is clear and concise, and the knitting is just such a great blend of interesting and simple enough to do at a knit night.

Plus, it’s dead cute when worn.

One more piece of advice, and that’s to block the daylights out of this sweater–the panels of course want to curl, so if you want the crisp block look you really need to pin it out. All in all, three thumbs up!

33 thoughts on “Encore FO

  1. It’s a very handsome sweater on a very handsome young man.

  2. I love, love, love it – absolutely beautiful!

  3. I love that sweater! The color is gorgeous and it looks so nice on his cute self. 🙂

  4. That’s a great one! Wonderful color and a beautiful pattern. Looks fantastic on your boy, too!

  5. It’s fantastic. And could he be any cuter?

  6. Thanks very much for the heads-up about the yardage for this size — I will amend the pattern! I just estimated the yarn quantity based on the mathematics of the surface area increase from the 2/3 size I knit, so it’s great to have it actually tested. (And I’m very glad you had enough yarn on hand to finish the job!) I just love it in that color, and your little boy is so handsome!

  7. It’s perfect! I’m glad you scored some extra yarn.

  8. I really love this! I need to go check out whether it comes large enough for my boy.

  9. What a great sweater! Jacob is SO SO cute!!

  10. What an extremely wonderful sweater. It suits your little boy so well too. Must go and add it to my faves!!

  11. That’s gorgeous…I love the cables and the color. I can see why R. would want one…anyone would!

  12. What a good-looking pair! (boy and sweater) What color will the one for the Auntie be?

  13. Another gorgeous FO. My one son would love one of these. Your little man is just too cute!

  14. Love this sweater!! It is soooooo cute on him! The color is perfect for his sweet coloring. I think I want one in my size!

  15. I just love seeing awesome knits for boys!! Absolutely adorable (sweater and boy!!). I really need to start making sweaters for my son…

  16. I do love that sweater, its so boyish and looks great on!

  17. Very nice sweater — it’s adorable on him!!

  18. perfect! it looks great on him 🙂

  19. is it bad that i’m totally jealous of jacob’s sweater? it’s fantastic!

  20. Really lovely!! Nice job.

  21. Sweet. I don’t know who is luckier. Jacob with his gorgeous handknits or you who has a kid who loves his mom and her handknits 😉

  22. Beautiful! And I love that color on Jacob!

  23. Great sweater. Wonder how it would look sized up for grown-up boys? Hmmmm.

  24. He’s so cute in his new sweater!

  25. It’s impossibly cute when worn! I love these simple patterns that liven up basic raglans and take them to a whole new level. This would look so lovely on an adult, too, with a little shaping, no?
    Also, the green shade is gorgeous!

  26. Lovely sweater, adorable little boy. 🙂

  27. Fabulous sweater! Jacob, as usual, is an excellent sweater model. Great color too.

  28. What a great sweater! The cables are beautiful – I just love the combination of stitch pattern, and the yarn you chose is perfect. Of course, Jacob’s a wonderful model, too!

  29. I love this sweater, I want one for my little brother.

  30. That cable detail flowing up the sides and then over to the neck is nothing short of delicious and once again your colour choice is so appropriate – the fabulous detail almost sneaks up out of the understated colour! Beautiful work!

  31. What a gorgeous little sweater! It looks fabulous on your sweetie!

  32. I really like this sweater. It is ridiculously adorable!

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