Round up

Wow. I’m pretty embarrassed that a month went by without me even noticing. That’s life sometimes, I guess. To be fair, two of my four projects are gifts, and I was keeping one of them a secret.

Can you tell what it is? My other WIPS: Salina (for me), the February Lady Sweater (for Beth), and a pair of Devon socks from the new Cookie A book (for me). I now remember why I was a strictly monogamous knitter for so long.

I’m just loving the simplicity of Salina–I’ve now finished the back and both of the sleeves, and have a few inches of the front done. The combination of the tweedy yarn and the stockinette/moss stitch makes me squeal. I’m going to really, really enjoy wearing this sweater. So far, the only changes I’ve made are to increase the length of the sweater some, but as I get to the appropriate place I’m going to throw some short rows in there too.

Sadly, I currently feel as angsty as Jacob looks about the FLS. Following the pattern produced some really horrible raglan increases for me (I’m sure my row gauge is off), but I blindly knit on, alternating balls of Classy, for another 8 inches on the body. I finally admitted to myself that it looked awful and started ripping last night–I’m about halfway ripped. Sigh.

The last bit of news, I guess, is that I’m doing more stash restructuring. I’ve got a bunch of lovely, lovely yarns up on my ravelry destash page that just aren’t right for me. If they’re right for you, let me know–I need to make room for the couple of sweaters’ worth of sport-weight gray yarn I picked up at WEBS this past weekend.

(I’m nothing if not predictable in my yarn taste!)

10 thoughts on “Round up

  1. These projects look promising! Good luck with the de-stashing!

  2. I have always wanted to do Salina, can’t wait to see that one!

  3. you will love weating your salina. i absolutely would live in mine if people wouldn’t start to think me weird.

  4. Look at all that yarn! I love destashing to restash!!

  5. My FLS was interesting – I frogged and re-started 3 times. I finally ended up using YO increases for the raglan, because I couldn’t get the M1s to look right at all, and I also ended up making it 2 sizes smaller than I should have needed.

    And now I need to go look at your destash page. Heh.

  6. That brown sock pattern stitch looks so familiar, but I can’t place it. It’s killing me!

    After finally getting through all the garter st of the FLS (I did YOs for the increases and continued with increases until I hit the number of stitches for the body), I had to admit that the yarn I was using was terrible (a discontinued, old stash yarn)–it kept breaking when I tried to knit it.

  7. Beautiful projects! I think it’s been close to a month since I’ve blogged too. Yikes.

  8. I think that mystery project looks like “Baroque” socks by Odd Cherry. It looks familiar from my Ravelry favourites.

    I’m still struggling with understanding my own tastes in yarn – your cleaning house of stash that doesn’t fall within your criteria is inspiring!

  9. Beautiful sock knitting there… good idea on the destashing too… I really need to make some space around here as well.

  10. Holy crap! Just discovered your blog and have been reading along… the picture of Webs warehouse makes me drool. I had no idea it was open to the public.

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