80th verse, same as the first! I can say definitively that the Classy rips like a dream.

The FLS for my friend Beth is now on its third incarnation, finally looks good, and I’m totally in love. The yarn rips like a dream, knits like a dream, and the colors are phenomenal. I’ll say that I didn’t really care so much for the way it looked in the hank. But knit up? Divine. A word of warning for those knitting the FLS: Pay attention to your row gauge, and don’t be afraid of the maths.

Those of you who guessed that the dark purple blob in my last post was Baroque from knitty were right. I’m knitting them up as part of a swap for handspun sock yarn. I totally think I’m getting the better half of this deal.

Aaaand Salina continues, slowly but surely (like everything else these days). It’s going to be a favorite this fall, I think.

Aaaand I’m knitting the Devon socks from Cookie A’s new book in Sundara sock yarn, I think Deadly Nightshade?

So, yeah. The astute among you have probably noticed that these are the same four projects from a month ago. I’m remembering, day in and day out, why I like to be mostly monogamous to my projects. It seems to take FOREVER to finish something, this way.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m desperately in need of some inspiration over here. What’s the FO you’re currently drooling over in blogland?

6 thoughts on “Recycling

  1. Glad the Dream in Color Classy finally worked out for you! At the moment I am drooling over Ysolda Teague’s Vivian. I saw it in Twist collective and liked it, but having seen it in person in my favorite shade of red, I absolutely love it. Drool, drool….

  2. I love the Devon socks. Cookie A is just so clever.

  3. drooling over… funky cuffs by lethal! just bought the kit to make these fun little accessories.

  4. Glenna C.’s (Knitting to Stay Sane) version of Eunny’s Autumn Rose.

  5. I am doing the Diminishing Rib Cardi and am drooling over it!

  6. You certainly looked inspired in your last post, in that photo at Webs. 🙂 But you’ve been knitting so much for other people; it’s high time you made something fun — besides socks — for yourself! As for me, I’m drooling over (among other things) tikru’s Backbone Vest.

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