FO: At long, long last

Well, it’s about time!

Pattern: The February Lady Sweater, by Flint Knits

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy, Deep Seaflower, 4.5 hanks

Time Elapsed: Months, people. Months.

Notes/Modifications: My row gauge was off, leading to a few mis-starts. Eventually I just did the math, and it all worked out fine. I also lengthened the sleeves, since the recipient likes ’em long. But otherwise, I knit it as written–right down to the big ass buttons.

Although I was right that the style of this sweater wasn’t for me, I’m so very glad I had an opportunity to knit it. It was a simple, fun, engaging knit. The garter and lace patterns both show up the depth of the yarn, they’re fun, but also easily memorized.

What more could you want, really? And I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk up this yarn. The yardage is great, the color is exquisite, the drape and softness are fantastic. Beth declared it perfect, and keep in mind that I’ve made her a sweater out of Calmer.

There are two things you might want to watch out for: One, it can grow quite a bit when blocked, so handle your wet garment carefully. I managed to get about 4 extra inches in the bust of this sweater, and I was pretty careful not to pull. I had been warned, so I wanted those extra 4 inches, but if you knit the garment to fit before blocking…

Second, I alternated hanks of the yarn to prevent any pooling. I don’t think it would have done so anyway, but I’m kind of a perfectionist about my knitting, so there you are.

Two thumbs up for the pattern, the yarn, and the combination. Now, on to more FOs!

28 thoughts on “FO: At long, long last

  1. gorgeous work! the yarn is just perfect.

  2. Yay! So wonderful that it’s done, and that it’s gorgeous! Glad it suits your friend well.

  3. Great job. The color is fantastic.

  4. it’s beautiful, love that color so much! This sweater is in my queue to make for my daughter, since it’s not a style suited to my body, for sure. Thanks for the tips, I found the DIC to grow a lot on my Wisteria sweater as well.

  5. Amy, haven’t seen a picture of you for a while…you look mahvelous! Didn’t you, like, just have a baby???!!
    (kidding, I know it’s been a bit.) You do look wonderful.

  6. i love that blue. wasn’t it a fun knit? your FLS looks so good on you. your sweater makes me want to knit it again in that colorway.

  7. I am going to have to respectfully disagree and say that I think it looks AMAZEBALL on you. Keep it for yourself and knit your friend something else!

  8. it looks great! i’m so jealous!

  9. Gorgeous!!! It looks lovely on you, and the colour is stunning! (You’re looking lovely in that first picture, btw!)

  10. It’s gorgeous and I love those buttons.

  11. Beautiful! The color is absolutely perfect on you.

  12. The sweater looks great, Amy. (Also, you look great!) And I’m delighted that I get to knit with so many other perfectionists. Makes me feel more normal 🙂

  13. It is absolutely beautiful, from the color of yarn to the fit of the sweater. I really like the buttons and the long sleeves. Congratulations!

  14. Wow, to not be your style, it looks really beautiful on you!!!
    This is the first time I’ve seen this sweater and thought it was really gorgeous. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  15. great! the blue is perfect!
    i love your work.

  16. That style isn’t for you? Well, that’s just, like, your opinion man!!
    It looks awesome — and awesome on you! — and gives me some oomph to just finish mine already!

  17. the color is beautiful! and i think it looks great on you, even if you say it’s not your style 🙂

  18. Okay, how’d you resist the temptation not to keep it? The navy goes nicely with your hair. And the buttons remind me of obsidian chunks. How cool.

  19. It looks lovely and the buttons are really nice.

  20. I’ve made several of the child sized ones, but have yet to start the lady one, although, the yarn is on order! I appreciate the tips about the ‘grow’ factor — it will help me choose my size appropriately as I prefer a more fitted look.

    I think the sweater looks great on you: style, colour and pattern!

  21. Love it! I have one lingering OTN now… maybe I should give it some attention.

  22. Wow does this ever look fantastic on you!

  23. The color is just the perfect shade of blue!

  24. Looks great on you–great color and fit in the sweater 🙂

  25. It looks fabulous! And I totally heart the buttons.

  26. Look at you in that sweater! It’s gorgeous, and you are looking slender. Yay!

  27. […] knit my version in Dream in Color Classy, which I used for the February Lady Sweater I knit for Beth and loved. I loved the way it looked in the gull lace pattern, I loved the way the color looked on […]

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