FO, Old School

Whenever I knit a gift (and I do it fairly often), I’m always pretty paranoid that the recipient won’t like it. I can’t really quell that urge entirely, but I’m definitely not as worried this time.

Pattern: Baroque, by Janice Kang, from Fall 2008 Knitty

Yarn: Louet Gems Fingering, Eggplant, 2.3 hanks

Time Elapsed: (Why do I even write this one anymore?) Awhile…

Notes/Modifications: No real modifications. I knit the large size, and my gauge was a teeny bit tighter (on the order of a quarter-stitch per inch). I knit the ribbed toe instead of the plain stockinette.

These socks are not nearly as difficult as they look. It took me a little while (5 rows?) to get used to the cabling–stitches are re-ordered as usual without a cable needle, but then you also do a “mock cable” on two of the stitches that have been re-ordered. At first I found this to be fiddly, and the yarn splitty, but I hit my groove quickly enough. The second sock did drag on–the leg of the sock represents two run-throughs of the chart, and the foot 2.3 (ish) more. So by the foot of the second sock, I found myself needing to look at the chart, still, because it was juuuuuust complicated enough that I couldn’t remember the whole thing—but also being bored with the chart, because I’d knit the same thing 6.5 times already.

However. I think they’re well worth the patience. I’m more enamored of these socks than almost any other project.

These are for the lovely knitting lady Danielle, who is doing something I can’t imagine because I don’t spin, and spinning me something luscious. Hooray for such enjoyable swaps! Of course, I won’t be able to actually knit her creation until probably December, because I have some ideas waiting to get out of my head first…

…but such is the way of knitting. At least in this house.

17 thoughts on “FO, Old School

  1. amy, those socks are so beautiful! i love the color, cabling, and texture. danielle is lucky!

  2. Really beautiful socks — you have an innate talent for matching color to pattern! (Or maybe you just pick grayish blue/purple/gray colors that I am drawn to anyway.) Curious about what size needle you used for these lovelies?

  3. What a nice pair of socks! Such fine details… Lucky Danielle!

  4. I love the colour of those socks.

  5. How fun to get to look forward to some special yarn spun just for you! Can’t wait to see what those “other ideas” turn out to be.

  6. OMG, those are absolutely amazing! Gorgeous and so intricate!

  7. Eggplant–you mean the best Louet color ever?

  8. Those socks are fabulous! I am sure Danielle will LOVE them.

  9. Oh, these are FANTASTIC!! I had better get moving on your handspun …

  10. The way that heel flows from the pattern is just too fabulous!

  11. Sooooo pretty!!! Love the pattern – it is amazing!

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous socks. I’ll bet you just inspired a few people to try that pattern. 🙂

  13. Beautiful socks! And what a fun trade to do. I see the little hand reaching for the yarn–he can’t resist the wool.

  14. those are prettiful…almost enough to make me want to knit socks..almost.

  15. These socks are fabulous! You always seem to find the most fabulous patterns. I don’t know how you do it. I find lots of inspiration when I read your blog and look at the amazing projects that you post!

  16. […] there went the blog. I’ve been working steadily, and managed to finish a sweater for Beth and some socks for Danielle, and a sweater for me. Very recently I cast off on some socks I started in […]

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