Right now, they’re mostly of the variety I can’t discuss here, but let me tell you about my new favorite yarn:

Berroco Seduce is a rayon/linen/silk/nylon blend. It is one of the softest, silkiest, most fun to work with yarns ever, and I’m already plotting several other additions to my wardrobe. It’s perfect for the summer heat, as it is incredibly light and airy. (This color is Rye, by the way.) I can’t say enough good things about it and encourage you all to rush to your nearest LYS and get some right away.

Non-secret progress crawls on. I have so little left to do on Salina that it’s a crime to let the poor thing languish. I have been making progress on the Devon socks, though!

(I’ve actually even turned the heel and gotten partway through the foot since this picture was taken.)

Here’s hoping your summer knitting is going smashingly!

9 thoughts on “Goings-on

  1. Ok, you’ve sold me on this Seduce business!

  2. That Seduce is lovely! It comes in such great colors too.

  3. Hope the goings-on are not stressful, and that everything is ok!

  4. Lovely looking yarn. I need to think of a new knit for the summer holidays!

  5. Beautiful sock and yarn!

  6. It is funny that you should post about Seduce. I saw someone’s Pucker summer sweater on Ravelry, which is knit in that yarn, and I thought it was so cute. I bought the pattern book at my LYS, but when I saw the yarn, I wasn’t sure I would like it. I think I’ll go buy a skein to try on your enthusiastic recommendation!

  7. It does look lovely! Pretty pretty sock too!

  8. Okay, I might have to rethink my original stance on Seduce. I think I was approaching from the wrong state of mind. I will rethink.

  9. That yarn looks fabulous! I love the color and the texture or it.

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