Rhinebeck FO the First

Well, lookie who has a new sweater for Rhinebeck!

Pattern: Salina, from Rowan Vintage Knits

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed, something like 7 balls for the 38″ size?

Time Elapsed: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HAAAAAA….

Notes/Modifications: I added around an inch of short-row shaping in the bust. Oh, and Salina is currently without buttons, because I cannot ever fathom using them and haven’t found the perfect ones yet anyway. Besides, she’s plenty pretty without them.

(Jacob declared this his favorite. But before you get too excited, he says that about everything.)

I really, really enjoyed knitting this sweater–despite the time it took. (Hey, I knit a few other sweaters while it languished! It wasn’t total slackitude around here.) The stockinette was soothing, and as with all of Ms. Hargreaves’ designs, there were enough interesting finishing touches and thoughtful details to keep me interested. The sleeves were one. I noticed that the cuffs were knit separately, and almost just cast on in seed stitch and skipped that step.

I’m glad I didn’t. The cuffs are knit separately and then sewn on so that you can create a little shirt-cuff detail. I love it. This is such a classic, wearable knit, and I’m sure it will be in regular rotation for many years to come. And you can bet I’ll be wearing it at Rhinebeck, if it’s cold enough outside!

See you there?

22 thoughts on “Rhinebeck FO the First

  1. Your Salina is beautiful and perfect for the start of the fall! I agree with you that it already look amazing without the buttons. Congratulations!

  2. I am so jealous of you – for that fabulous sweater and for Rhinebeck!

  3. YES! see you there! yay! i love your new sweater. i didn’t add a button to my salina either, but i like it without! i like your sleeves better than mine also 🙂 looks great on you.

  4. If you do wear it to Rhinebeck, you’ll be able to shop for buttons – on the off chance you aren’t interested in the fiber…

  5. Love the sweater! It looks even better on you than on the dress form…Have fun at Rhinebeck.

  6. The sweater is gorgeous and the color looks perfect on you. I’d wear it to Rhinebeck even if the temperature is in the 80s!

  7. am I the only person not going to Rhinebeck?!
    I hope the weather cooperates so you can wear it, it’s too pretty not to show off

  8. I LOVE it!! That’s the first project in a while that’s gotten me to want to pick the needles up again. It’s been so hot here in Texas, but we just got a little cool front (meaning it got all the way down to the high 60s last night! lol) Awesome!!

  9. It’s gorgeous! And I will see you there (although I should see you here, lol!)

  10. Just beautiful, and most definitely perfect for autumn! Jacob has the most expressive little face — love of the picture of just him and the sweater.

  11. That is beautiful, and you look fabulous in it! By the title of your post, I’m guessing there’s at least an FO the Second?

  12. Love that last photo. ; ) Great sweater!! It was close, but no Rhinebeck for me again this year. Have fun!!

  13. congrats. it is a lovely sweater. i made one too. mine has short sleeves and i wear it constantly!

  14. Lovely sweater, its such a nice style and looks great on you! have fun at Rhinebeck.

  15. Gorgeous Salina! I don’t think it needs any buttons whatsoever! The sleeves have always been my favorite detail.

  16. I love it! It looks fantastic on you. Now I want to knit another.

  17. It looks great – hopefully the weather at Rhinebeck will cooperate enough for you to show it off – have fun I’ll think if y’all

  18. Ahhh Rhinebeck – not on my list for this year but enjoy! (No doubt you will in the fab new knit!)

  19. Why yes, you WILL see me there! You Salina is, simply, sublime.

  20. I love it! Well worth the wait 🙂
    I just knit my first two swatches here in Japan (one in garter and now one in stockinette), and I think I’m hooked. A very different feel from crochet!

    (By the way, I found a yarn store here. If you want something (bamboo needles?) let me know via email before I leave on Tuesday!)

  21. I love this sweater everytime someone knits it, clearly I should think of knitting one for myself. Yours is lovely, and I wouldn’t worry about the buttons at all.

  22. What a beautiful sweater and fits so well! I haven’t been knitting long enough to convince my husband to let me go to Rhinebeck but I know lots of great people are going to be there!

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