Rhinebeck FO the Second: Here, have a pattern.

The second Rhinebeck FO is not just a sweater for me: It’s a pattern for you, too.

Pattern: The February Fitted Pullover, by yours truly

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy, Deep Seaflower, 4 hanks (with around 1/2 of one left over).

Time Elapsed: Knitting this only took a couple of weeks, even with writing it up. Hooray for worsted weight yarn in an open-work pattern and 3/4-length sleeves!

Notes/Modifications: Though it may seem strange, I did actually modify the pattern, lengthening the body to accommodate my super-long torso. (I added a little over an inch.)

But really, there’s more to say about the pattern than about my knitting. The February Fitted Pullover is a fitted, 3/4 sleeve scoop-neck pullover in the gull lace pattern made popular by Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “February Baby Sweater”. The shape is definitely great for the bustier, curvier gals among us. As written, there are about 3.5 inches of waist shaping, worked into the lace pattern:

Though of course, if you are not interested in shaping at all, leave it out! If you want just an inch or two, I’d recommend eliminating the shaping and going down a needle size or two instead.

Bust sizes measure 33 (36, 39.5, 43, 46, 50)”, although the lace gives you quite a bit of leeway when you block. Please, please, pretty please give yourself some negative ease in the bust on this knit. The lace and scoop neck really look better when they’re filled out a little.

I knit my version in Dream in Color Classy, which I used for the February Lady Sweater I knit for Beth and loved. I loved the way it looked in the gull lace pattern, I loved the way the color looked on me. I think it would look completely fantastic in many other hand-painted worsted/aran yarns (check your gauge!), too: I’m looking at you, Sundara ASM.

I guess I don’t have much more to say about this. I’ve been doing some other design work I can’t talk about, this summer, and the bug has bitten me hard. I’m so very glad to finally have something I can share with you all.

I hope this goes without saying, but while I have been very careful in writing and editing this pattern, and it has been test-knit, it’s my first to be released–if you find anything that confuses you, if you find an error, if you have comments, if you have questions… please email me. I really look forward to hearing from you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

57 thoughts on “Rhinebeck FO the Second: Here, have a pattern.

  1. Oh Amy, it is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pattern with us. I would love to knit this for myself.

  2. Ack! It’s stunning! I’d totally wear & love this!

  3. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS. Seriously, Amy, it’s fantastic!

  4. This sweater is absolutely beautiful and so flattering on you! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  5. Oh, I love it! It’s beautiful!

  6. it’s truly fabulous.

  7. Ooohhh, this is yummy! The garter, the gull stitch. And wouldn’t you know I have 4 hanks of Classy in the stash. Thank you for the pattern!

  8. this is so awesome! what a flattering sweater! thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  9. Oh!! This is great! I absolutely must knit it.

  10. OMFG!!! You are blowing my mind over here with this, Amy!!

  11. AMY! So very very lovely. Wonderful job on the design-and thanks for sharing the pattern with us! I can’t wait to knit it. Only wish I were going to be at Rhinebeck so I could check her out in person! Have a great time.

  12. It’s so so so beautiful! And I love the color you picked!

  13. it’s gorgeous! congratulations.

  14. That is absolutely gorgeous and is going straight in my queue!

  15. Oh my gosh! BEAUTIFUL!

  16. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! looks just as fabulous in the pictures as it did in person. Can’t wait to knit it up 🙂

  17. Wow, I LOVE this! I just printed it out and I would love to knit it either for myself or my daughter–I just sent her the link. I have a couple of choices in my stash that would be perfect for this, particularly since it doesn’t use a lot of yardage.

    Thank you so much for this gift!

  18. Awesome! It looks absolutely perfect on you!

  19. Lovely…I might have to frog my half-finished sweater vest and knit this instead. I wonder how it would look without sleeves?

  20. yay! i have 3 hanks of brooks farm four play that will be perfect for this 🙂

  21. I love this so much I’m breaking my months of blog silence to tell you so.

  22. I love this and am adding it to my list of Rhinebeck projects to-buy-for. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  23. Wow! It looks terrific on you.

    Thank you so much for sharing the pattern.

  24. Absolutely gorgeous!

  25. Oh! You’re a goddess to have created this lovely fitted pullover. I love the FLS but have just made one for my mom and wasn’t sure I wanted to do it all over again, but now that you’ve developed this pattern, I’m ON FIRE to knit it!!!

  26. When can you possibly have found time to knit that gorgeous thing – never mind write the pattern? You are truly super mom!

  27. I really like it! I’ve been wanting to knit the February Sweater for some time now. The stitch pattern is so great. Your version would definitely be more wearable for me. I too like long sweaters and I would probably make long sleeves as well. The yarn seems like a good choice. Congratulations!

  28. Holy Zimmermann, Amy! That’s gorgeous! I cannot tell you how much I love the neckline. And the waist shaping. So incredibly flattering. What an accomplishment for your first pattern to be released! Congratulations!

    Also, I think I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. If I looked as AWESOME as you do in dark blue, I would wear only that color, 24-7-365.

  29. It is so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I’m loving it already 🙂
    Alltough I might get it on my needles sadly on next summer – not now – but maybe I can wait a little 😉

  30. That is absolutely gorgeous — and you even knit it in one of my very favorite yarns in one of my very favorite colorways!

  31. It’s beautiful and looks beautiful on you!!

  32. Wow! It’s stunning. This might get me out of the no-sweater-knitting rut that I’ve been in for years. I’ve been taking off poundage for the last 2 years & I deserve a gorgeous sweater like this!

  33. It’s gorgeous, Amy! I am definitely going to make it.

  34. Wow, I love it! Wonderful job. It looks great on you, too.

  35. It’s gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  36. Wow, gorgeous – and thanks so much for the pattern!

  37. Really lovely on you! I’m just finishing up the FLS, but this may have to be next in queue!

  38. I am so happy to have seen that in person! You looked just wonderful….not only a great fit and a great knit, but happy with accomplishment. Thank you for the pattern, too! Icing on the cake.

  39. Gorgeous sweater, Amy! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  40. It’s gorgeous! Great pattern!

  41. Wow, what a gorgeous pattern. Thank you so much for making this available to us. It is definitely going to be something I am going to knit. THANKS!!

  42. Gorgeousness! What a lovely pattern.

  43. It is just beautiful! Great job.

  44. Very nice. Congratulations on your debut as a designer. 🙂

  45. It’s beautiful. It’s going into my queue and I’m checking the stash! I’ve always liked the FLS but because I’m a bit busty the construction makes me look like a circus tent or something. Your sweater is wonderful!

  46. amy, i love this sweater. it’s beautiful! and it was so great to finally meet you at rhinebeck!!!

  47. You do realize you’ll need to add a Patterns side nav bar now…? Congrats! May there be many more 🙂

  48. Oops, you already have one, I just missed it 🙂

  49. I love this sweater! This will be perfect winter knitting for me. Thank you so much for this gorgeous design!!

  50. Thank you so much for this lovely pattern!

  51. LOOVE it!!!!

  52. The shaping on this is fabulous!

  53. Wow- it’s beautiful! Nice work!

  54. Great pattern . Thanks for sharing !

  55. Looks like a lovely pattern and I’d love to knit it. Unf, I can’t seem to find it. I get an error message when I click on the pdf link

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