Just the break I needed.

Thanks so very, very much for all of the love on the FFP, folks. You pushed what was already a pretty fantastic weekend right over the edge into nirvana.


You and the cormo, if I’m being honest.

(Just kidding! Really, you all had me–and still have me–on cloud 9. Over 700 rav queues, really?) But I did have a fantastic time at Rhinebeck, even though this is the only yarn I purchased. Quite a difference from two years ago, when I purchased everything I could possibly lay my hands on. My budget was small this year, and I was determined to make the most of it, and purchase yarn for a sweater that would be something very special. I’m very, very happy with my choice, and thrilled that Foxfire still had enough of this stuff for a sweater by the time I arrived at 11am on Saturday. 🙂

I am not much for the usual link-a-doo roundup, but I got to hang out with my knit night pals, and meet some fantastic new ones, and generally spent the weekend recharging from the physically exhausting job that is parenting two kids under 5. I got to geek out about all of the designs I hope to be sending your way soon, and drink in the ideas and creativity all around me, and (this is important) choose when I went to sleep and woke up. I came back to work on Monday refreshed in every sense. Hooray for breaks!

I got some various and sundry things other than yarn at the festival. A darning egg, some stitch markers, and various & sundry little hand-out goodies.

I have a bunch of design ideas in my head and on my needles, but haven’t decided the fate of all of them–which I’ll release here, which I’ll submit and to where, and so forth. But here are some little tastes, including my final Rhinebeck purchase:

Some moving mud buttons. I’m pretty sure I’ll release this design here. (Sundara ASM in Wild Blueberries in the background, if you’re curious.)

A beaded teaser.

And another thought-in-progress about how to use up more of my Sundara stash. Just writing this post makes my fingers itch to knit!!

9 thoughts on “Just the break I needed.

  1. These pics are yummy! No wonder they make your fingers itch to knit! Looking forward to see the final products!!!

  2. So pretteh! Confession time, I haven’t knit ANY of my Sundara yarn yet…as it is all limited edition and was quite ‘dear’ (in cost) I’m holding out for something really special for each skein.

  3. mmm sundara. i haven’t ever worked with her yarn, but everything i see from her is so unbelievably gorgeous.

  4. You know, I saw you and your FFP at Rhinebeck and thought it looked lovely but was pushed past by the crowd before I said anything. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  5. You are going to love working with the Cormo. I had gotten some from Foxfire a few Rhinebeck’s ago, and it knitted up into a lovely scarf. It is a joy to wear it.

  6. Lovely yarns, the teaser looks gorgeous!

  7. Oh my gosh, that Cormo looks delicious!! I hope to eventually make it back to Rhinebeck 🙂 I went to Lambtown USA in Dixon, CA, a few weeks ago instead – much, much smaller, but still fun, and I got 8 ounces of the softest white Cormo to spin.

    In the meantime, I think I may have to make myself a February Fitted Pullover…

  8. Love the teasers… now I need more!

  9. […] the moment can I just give you a sneak peak of the design that will get the moving mud buttons from my last post? It’s with the test knitters now. I’m hoping it will be ready for you by the new […]

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