Neither Here Nor There.

Most of the time, I get energized by juggling a (part-time) career, two kids, knitting, marriage, and eating locally. It feels really good to spend my days putting effort into the things I care most about. Unfortunately, it leaves little time for me to engage my online life. I keep hoping that once Daniel sleeps through the night regularly (current theory: he spends most of his days bored and needs other kids), I’ll have more energy in the evenings for blog-tending and reading.

Yeeah. We’re still hoping. He’s 15 months, it has to happen sooner or later, right? Nobody goes to college without sleeping through the night. 🙂

But we’re not there yet, so for the moment can I just give you a sneak peak of the design that will get the moving mud buttons from my last post? It’s with the test knitters now. I’m hoping it will be ready for you by the new year.


11 thoughts on “Neither Here Nor There.

  1. Dude, they’re supposed to sleep through the night before they go to college? Will you talk to my 15 year old?

    On the bright side, when they’re teens and can’t sleep at night, they just sneak out of bed and get on facebook. It’s less disruptive to the household.

  2. oh, i hope the little one is sleeping through the night very soon! you must be exhausted! when did you switch over to part-time? i always thought you were working full-time for some reason.

    sorry i’m lagging on the test knit! i only recently cast on, but it’s going fairly quickly 🙂

  3. Hang in there Amy! We will. What are good (blog)friends for if they won’t let you come and go as you need to? I really love reading your blog when you post, and that’s enough. (Although the new patterns? A definite bonus).

  4. That’s intriguing!!! Same here, love to read your posts, but no pressure!!!

  5. By kindergarten, way earlier than college…

    And then you’ll look back and hardly even remember when they didn’t sleep through 😉 The orange is going to look gorgeous next to the blue yarn. Can’t wait to see it!

  6. And I am here to tell you that your latest project might just be your greatest, Amy!

  7. want to be terrified?

    I was TWELVE before I slept through the night.

    (premature, night terrors, etc. — I hope to GOD I don’t have a child like me)

  8. I look forward to seeing your knitting. I am sure one day there will be time for online things but you sound like you are doing life just right!

  9. My 2.5-year-old still doesn’t sleep through the night…every night I fall asleep hoping THIS will be the night. Like you, I keep telling myself that she’ll figure it out eventually. I really, really hope she figures it out before college.

    The knitting looks great!

  10. Alas, mine are nearing four and still don’t sleep through the night. *sigh* Better luck to you!! Hope to see you soon!

  11. He will sleep through the night eventually. My eldest, now four, was a terrible sleeper. At 2.5 years, he’d still wake up 4-5 times a night. Now he usually sleeps through the night, sometimes waking up once. My 8-month-old now keeps me entertained at night, though, waking up 4 or 5 times a night…

    Hang in there!

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