Well, we’ll see. But I’ve selected a challenge for the Knitting Olympics, and I’ve got the yarn, and I’ve got the (current) pattern (draft), and I’m ready.

The challenge: Knit up the next design so that I can wear it to SPA in a couple of weeks. Think I can do it?

What are your Olympic knitting projects, if you’re playing along?

9 thoughts on “Olympian?

  1. I am finally knitting my Henry VIII kit from Virtual Yarn. I’ve had it for over two years and the intimidation factor is HUGE!

    I realize I am not going to finish it during the Olympics but I am shooting to get the body done.

  2. Sounds like a good plan! Beautiful yarn and color! Happy Ravelympics to you! I’m also really excited! The competition starts in 4 hours here in Montreal. I’m knitting Monkey socks in Malabrigo!

  3. Good luck! Looks like you will have fun playing with some gorgeous yarn. I am trying fair isle for the first time. A pair of socks from Sensational Knitted Socks.

  4. I’m still debating…I have a few hours to go, mittens/gloves in color work, socks in color works, clapotis…just anything out of my queue. I’ve got 3 hours, right.

  5. I am not OFFICIALLY participating in the Olympics since I cast on prior to today, but my private Olympics goal (unless they’re some kind of finish WIP event on Rav) is to finish Morgan’s Flower Garden! 1.5 fronts, 2 arms, and a bunch of finishing to go!

  6. Can’t wait to see this!!

    I’m not really doing the Olympics, but I’ve just frogged something old to turn it into something new. Which I also hope to be sporting at SPA.

    No promises, since I have kids all this week though…

  7. Oh that Calmer is killing me! I’ve never seen it in a dark color like that–wowza. Well, I cast on for Pammie’s Feb. Lady Sweater in some garden variety Cascade 220, and I also have a fantasy about making another Back-to-School U-Neck vest. Har.

  8. Love that Calmer! Looking forward to seeing your latest!

  9. I’m being overly ambitious and trying to get all of my stash posted on Ravelry, it needs to be done cause I frequently forget what I have. It’s gonna be a seriously time consuming process.

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