It Came from the Lake (FO)

You know what we’ve been missing around here? Baby pictures, that’s what.

Pattern: “Nessie”, from Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh

Yarn: Berroco Vintage Wool, in, uh, green and blue colors. *cough*

Time Elapsed: Mere days

Notes/Modifications: I didn’t really modify anything. The instructions for these toys are fiddly, but the results are worth it. The entire book is adorable and Jacob immediately demanded that I knit him “One of everything, starting with the praying mantis. No, spider. No, ant. No, spider. No, praying mantis. No, spider.”

Nessie is a gift for Ronan, our dear friends Stacy and Neil’s new baby. They live in San Jose, and since I knew Ronan would get all of older brother Asher’s old sweaters (including this one, by the way), a toy seemed more climate-appropriate. There was never any question that Ronan would receive a hand-knit: the whole family is a knitter’s dream in terms of hand-knit recipients.

Anyway, back to Nessie. Really, she’s adorable. As are all of the other patterns in the book.

The Vintage is great, as well. Very soft, nice halo, acts just like wool… but is machine-washable. Geniuses over there at Berroco, I tell you.

Since I don’t seem to have much more to say, how about a baby picture in closing?

6 thoughts on “It Came from the Lake (FO)

  1. That is so cute and yes, the perfect gift for a new baby with plenty of sweaters!

  2. That will be loved to death! So cute!

  3. Oh my gosh, the CUTE!!

  4. Nessie is adorable! A perfect baby gift for the San Jose climate.
    I hope you knit Jacob the praying mantis–I would love to see that.

  5. So sweet! And the dino is great, too!

    I have a little bit of green and blue yarn lying around myself. Heh.

  6. Soooo cute! I’ll have to check out that book 🙂

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