New Pattern: Morgan’s Flower Garden

I am super-excited to share with you my latest pattern and FO: Morgan’s Flower Garden.

Pattern: Morgan’s Flower Garden (rav link)

Yarn: Cascade 220, in #4007, 9404, 9557

Time Elapsed: A few weeks

Notes/Pattern Info: First, the standard-style pattern info. Morgan’s Flower Garden is an A-line, zippered cardigan for little girls, adorned with a tulip motif and sized with plenty of ease to accommodate youngsters’ rapid growth. It’s finished with tulips on the right front and left sleeve cuff. Seed stitch collar and zipper cover look neat and trim, as do the folded hems on sleeve cuffs and at the sweater’s bottom. Pattern includes individualized intarsia charts and detailed instructions.

I have sized the sweater to fit 1 (2, 4, 6) year-old girls, with bust measuring 22 (25, 27, 29)”. You will need one set of needles in a size to get gauge, and another two sizes below the main size. Special techniques include intarsia for the actual flowers and (very) simple embroidery for the tulip stems. Pattern is available for purchase here or in my ravelry store for US$5.00. Special and heartfelt thanks to my test knitters Bertha, Ruth, Erin, Wendy, and Cathy. Y’all rock the house.

Now, for the story: I am a very lucky knitter indeed and have several friends who are a pure delight to knit for. I have been knitting for Morgan since she was born, and when her mother Beth (our sons’ godmother) mentioned that Morgan had outgrown the last sweater I knit for her, I knew it was time to start thinking.

I sketched this design out months ago, and tried hard to think of any other way to do the tulips than the obvious choice: Intarsia. I don’t mind intarsia too much for vertical stripes, but for anything else? Let’s just say it’s not high on my list of favorite techniques. I eventually gave in to my knitting intuition, though, and intarsia it is. I found it totally worth the annoyance.

The best part about this project was giving it to Morgan. She’s old enough now (4.5) to really get excited about her own clothing. She immediately donned the sweater, started dancing around the room, and apparently hasn’t taken it off since. We visited them last week, and she was still wearing the sweater. Now, that’s a girl who’s going to receive more hand knits.

Though it may be awhile before she grows out of this one.

18 thoughts on “New Pattern: Morgan’s Flower Garden

  1. It looks awesome! I wonder if Zoe would forgo Penguins for tulips….

  2. That is adorable. What a great design!

  3. That is wonderful! I have a little girl in mind that I must make it for. I’ve designed sweaters for my now 12 year old and it is so wonderful when they wear them with such pride and joy.

  4. What a beautiful design. I think it might be time to try intarsia!

  5. That is adorable! It’s so rewarding to knit for someone who so clearly loves to receive hand knits!

  6. This is totally adorable! I have a question: I understand the actual tulip is made with intarsia… what about the surrounding background (heathered green/blue)? Is that carried as a float, or do you join separate balls for both sides of the tulip?

  7. It’s adorable!

  8. Love the sweater! So simply yet stylish!

  9. Really lovely. Congratulations!

  10. Oh thats lovely! I like the flowers so much.

  11. It’s darling, Amy. Congratulation on another successful design!

  12. This is beautiful, Amy! Oh, I need a GIRL to knit for!!

  13. she’s adorable and the new design is really beautiful. i really love the whimsical tulips! congratulations!

  14. How does one so young get it so thoroughly? Dancing in her new handknit…I love the picture.

  15. fabulous design!
    she looks precious in it.

  16. Fantastic Amy!! Those tulips are killing me…

  17. It is beautiful! I love the colors together! Very nice design!

  18. You are all about fabulous design. I love it. It also makes me wish I had a wee little girl with pigtails to knit this for.

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