Close, but no medal

Thanks so much, all, for your lovely comments on the Morgan’s Flower Garden sweater. I’ve been excited to read them all, public and private! It’s very gratifying and motivating to get kind words on these first few designs, and I hope you like the other things that come ’round this year, as well.

As to my Olympic challenge… …well, I had an exceedingly productive Olympics as far as fiber goes. Unfortunately, some of it was tangled up in a submission, other parts were tangled up in starting to learn to spin (!), so I didn’t wind up finishing the sweater.

Even with all the distractions, though, I got really close, and I’m totally proud of that. I just have one sleeve cap and seaming/collar left to do. Thanks to the effort, I’m passing along a pattern I’ve already completely knit to my test-knitters (instead of knitting it along with them, as was the case with Morgan’s Flower Garden). And, flying through this knit so quickly leaves me time to work on the next self-publish design, another submission (or two), and perhaps a knock-off of a cute beret I saw at Cole Haan this weekend.

Because really. If a knitter were to spend $125 on a beret that would take her all of an hour to knit? It would nearly be a sin. Think of all the cashmere I could buy for $125!

…or camel-silk, as the case may be.

7 thoughts on “Close, but no medal

  1. Can’t wait to see the beret! And of course, the sweater too…..

  2. Haha! Camel/silk. I recognize that.

    You are one of the athletic elite who chose to try for Olympic gold. That in itself is worth a medal.

  3. Very intriguing post!
    I would like to know the purveyor of the camel/silk; it’s beautiful. I’ve told myself if I knit a 1000 yd from “deep stash,” I can spend $100 on a luxury yarn, and I’m making a list of possibilities.

  4. You’re keeping busy! I look forward to seeing your next designs, FO and beret 😉

  5. That Erm is fabulous. I love everything about, but mostly because you can call it erm.

  6. I love the erm!

  7. Welcome to the ranks of spinners 🙂 Once you’re confident on spinning, I recommend _Spin_Control_ to take you to the next level.

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