Full disclosure.

(Thanks to everyone’s exceedingly positive reaction to the latest fit to flatter installment! I am hoping to catch up on email this week and will get to your questions and comments then.)

Theoretically, I was going to release a new design today.

(Photos copyright splityarn 2010.)

However, although the swatch for this yarn (Sublime Soya Cotton DK) didn’t grow even a centimeter…

…we all know swatches lie. I figure I have 3 options. First, find a model the sweater now fits and who is willing to model for me. Second, knit myself another one either in a different fiber or a different size. Third, both.

We’ll see when the design actually comes out.

In the meantime, here’s a swatch for the next design. A nice light summer tank top in a bamboo-cotton blend. You can bet I will be knitting this one smaller. Just in case.

7 thoughts on “Full disclosure.

  1. Ugh, I hate that the most, the whole gauge-changing thing. You swatch, you wash, you measure, and it’s all a waste… I’m happy to model for you if it’s now my size :).

  2. ugh! I do love that beady lace. Totally worth the little setback.

  3. gauge is a total mother-effer 🙂 bummer the sweater doesn’t fit. it looks like a great fit in the small bit i can see though. great color! i’m excited to see more.

  4. Swatches… 🙁 Well, what we can see looks very good! Love the color and the neck pattern!

  5. Yes, swatches do lie. I have to start my current project over because my swatch lied to me, big time.

    I love the neckline on your new sweater. I want to knit that! Beaded lace is my current favorite thing to do (come see my project on my blog; I’m in love).

  6. Man. I hate it when the sweater becomes the swatch. I’m finishing up a Rowan Denim sweater and keeping my fingers crossed it stays its current size!

  7. I’m sorry the swatch lied! The sweater looks beautiful, even in the little bit shown.

    I also *love* the cable in the new swatch! My knitting time just dropped through the floor, since I expect Emi to be making knitting time more rare for the next little while, but I want to learn to do more complicated cables.

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