Happily ever after: Lucette (FO, design)

A few nerve-wracking minutes in the dryer, and my “swatches are LIES” sweater was saved. Now, I can share her with you!

Pattern: Lucette, by yours truly.

Sizes: XS (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)

Final Measurements: Bust sizes measure 33 (37.5, 39.5, 42, 44, 46, 50.5)”/84 (95.5, 100.5, 106.5, 112, 117, 128.5) cm. Length from hem to shoulder: 23.25 (23.75, 24.5, 24.75, 25, 25.25, 25.25)”/59 (60.5, 62, 63, 63.5, 64, 64) cm

Featured Materials: Sublime Soya Cotton DK (120 yds/110 m per 50g ball) shown in color 80. 7 (8, 9, 9 10, 11, 12) balls for short sleeve version and 8 (10, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14) balls for long sleeve version. Pattern requires approximately 787 (902, 976, 1055, 1131, 1243, 1355) yards [708 (812, 878, 950, 1018, 1119, 1220) m] for the short-sleeved version and approximately 959 (1107, 1201, 1296, 1410, 1540, 1638) yds [863 (996, 1081, 1166 1269, 1386, 1474) m] for the long-sleeved version. If using optional beads, you will need approximately 242 (270, 288, 306, 322, 338, 354) for the short-sleeved version and approximately 226 (246, 256, 274, 282, 290, 314) for the long-sleeved version.

Gauge: 22 stitches and 32 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch, blocked. Recommended needle size of US 5.

Pattern Notes:

This fitted scoop neck pullover is trimmed in English Mesh Lace, with optional beads. It is knit in pieces from the bottom up and then seamed together. The collar is picked up and knit in the round, using smaller needles for half of one lace repeat to pull the neckline in. The sleeves are set in, and vertical darts (also known as princess seams) are used for waist shaping.

(All images in this page copyright splityarn. She’s awesome.)

With minor alterations, Lucette can flatter a variety of body types. Depending on where on the wearer’s body the hem falls, Lucette can look good as written on top-heavy, proportional, or bottom-heavy shapes. The lace at the hem could easily be eliminated if desired (and replaced with a sewn hem). The deep scoop neck especially flatters a larger bust.

Princess seams allow for extremely flexible shaping, customized to fit your body. Should you desire less waist shaping than specified, you can either omit the shaping rows entirely, or omit only the shaping on the front of the sweater. Omitting only the front shaping (or using a smaller amount of shaping on the front) can provide a very nice fit on the small of the back without stretching the sweater too tight in the waist. Bustier women can accommodate their needs by performing more increases on the front of the sweater, and not in the back. This creates vertical bust darts that are exceedingly flattering. The extra stitches increased can be decreased into the neckline.

As with all sweaters, carefully examine the pattern schematic before you knit to note potential modifications. I’ve written this up in 7 sizes, from 33″ to 50.5″ in the bust. I think it looks best with 0″ ease in the bust, and 1-2″ positive ease in the waist. In the pictures, I’m wearing the sweater with 1″ ease in the bust and about 3″ of positive ease in the waist.

One of my favorite elements about this sweater is the way the beads in the lace give a femininity to the sweater without making it cloyingly sweet.

And scoop necklines are an eternal favorite of mine.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the way the design turned out! I need to warn you, though, that the Soya Cotton DK stretches significantly when wet. If you’re using this yarn, please either make a much smaller size or plan to (carefully!) dry the finished object in the dryer before wearing. Other great yarns for this sweater include Berroco Pure Merino DK, Classic Elite’s Wool Bam Boo or Cotton Bam Boo, or any other DK weight yarn.

I hope you love this latest design! You can purchase it for US$6.00 from within ravelry or on this page.

14 thoughts on “Happily ever after: Lucette (FO, design)

  1. well done, design and colour suit you

  2. That bottom photo says it all – about the sweater, and the model.

  3. Amy, this is beautiful! It looks great,and it looks great on you. Into the queue it goes…

  4. It looks great! Glad everything worked out — and I LOVE the beauty shot 🙂

  5. It is beautiful! I’m glad to read and see that his little trip to the dryer had a happy ending 😉 Your hair color is gorgeous against that blue! And again, I love the lace parts!

  6. What a great way to introduce a new pattern, when (if) I ever finish Ivy Vine Mittens – I’m going to blog about it like your introduction to Lucette.

    Glad the dryer fixed things for you, I haven’t tried these new eco yarns, sounds like an adventure.


  7. congratulations, amy! it’s a beautiful sweater. that color is perfect on you and the fit is really flattering. i have to second what maryse said. the color really makes your beautiful red hair POP! i’m so glad to hear that it fits so well now.

  8. Nice! I remember the swatch. Lovely details.

  9. It’s lovely! Definitely adding this one to my queue.

  10. Its just lovely!

  11. Congratulations on another great design, and a fantastic save from disaster on the yarn in dryer front!! I love the beads in the lace too – very pretty without being too girly.

    Can I just be a total geek for a moment though and say the waist shaping you have used looks like it mimics a dart, not a princess seam. A princess seam is a continuous curved seam line that generally starts on the side of the garment front in the armhole, tracks over the top to the side of the bust line and all the way to the hem. It is designed to take the place of both a (horizontal) bust and (vertical) waist dart in a seam – thus avoiding the start and stop points of darts. From the design photos in this post it looks as though you have done vertical waist darts. This is a really minor thing, and I apologise if I have misinterpreted your design from the pictures, but as a sewing pattern drafter, I have yet to find a good knitting pattern with princess seams!

  12. This is very cute…well done. I particularly love the arm length. I just think it is so flattering.

  13. Love this sweater! Basic sweater with interesting detail on the sleeves and bottom edge. I also like the sleeve length. I’m following your Fit to Flatter series — thank you so much for doing this — but am unable to read to the end of installment 5. Is it me or is it cut off???

  14. Lovely! Love the edging, so simple but effective!

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