Workspaces, Choices

Thank you all very much for the warm reception for Lucette, for the comments on yarn color, for the response to the sleeves installment, and for being just a fantastic group of readers. Yay for you!

We’ve been on “staycation” the past week, and decided to make a much-needed change in our furniture layout since we were home anyway. The computer is now part of our main living space, which is a good thing, and my knitting stuff has taken over the guest room–also a good thing. I had some help:

And after not too long, I had this shiny new workspace!

I’m madly in love with it. It has a place for all of my swatches to live (man, were they ever outgrowing their binder)…

…it has an incredibly inspiring sock yarn bin…

…and best of all, it has a glorious desk. GLORIOUS, I tell you.

Having a great workspace led to a really productive week. I’m chugging along on the tank and already thinking about what I’ll do for early fall. The problem is, I have a lot of ideas.

Anyone want to pick a favorite yarn in there? What should I do next?

18 thoughts on “Workspaces, Choices

  1. I’m intrigued by those teals at the bottom right! 🙂

  2. What a great space! I would love to have something like that!

  3. Virginia Woolf said every woman needs a room of her own (and money, if she is to write fiction…) – I think having a dedicated space of your own, especially as a busy mother, is just a wonderful thing. And yours is really fantastic!

  4. That room looks amazing and I love the bookshelf! I am partial to the orange yarn…

  5. That workspace is gorgeous 🙂 I’ve been trying to convince hubby to make his friend come pick up the rest of his junk from when he lived with us, so that my yarn doesn’t take up our bedroom anymore. Maybe I’ll show him these pictures, prove to him knitters can have a workspace that doesn’t look like a yarn mountain ^_^;

    Congratulations on the new workspace and on having little helpers to make the day more interesting (and help move stuff every once in a while I’d assume ^_^ )

    I personally like that large purple skein right on top there XD

  6. The purple/eggplant/violet.

  7. The blue on the far right at the bottom corner. I really like your workspace. Is it going to stay that clean???

  8. Teals or the purple… it looks great!

  9. What a lovely workspace. I wish to have my own in the future. Wishing you lots of creativity and happiness.

  10. So jealous of that fabulous workspace! It looks like it gets wonderful light.

  11. Lovely space! I would go with the purple, but I am biased. 🙂

  12. Looks like the organizing bug bit you, too! Are those teal cubes the zippered boxes? Your space looks great.

  13. I love your new work place! So neat and peaceful! Well done! The color that catches my intention is the one in purple! What will you convert it into (eventually!) Have a good Friday!

  14. I want to live in that room.

  15. Holy smokes! It’s amazing. Lookit all the ROOM you have! And the light! This is fantastic.

  16. I love the room !
    But, were is some comfortable armchair ? 🙂

    The help is great! – the kids and the moment!

  17. What a lovely room! I like the pale blue yarn in the centre for a shawlette!

  18. Great space. I bet you do get a lot done. I’m stealing some of your ideas since my little office isn’t quite as functional as I’d like.

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