In astounding company.

I truly am.

I feel… well, privileged isn’t a strong enough word, but I can’t think of a better one right now. I feel very, very privileged to be in the company of the utterly fantastic designers who brought us the sweaters in the current issue of Twist. And I couldn’t be more excited about my own design. I am planning on a longer post about the road that led to Twinflower, but things are pretty busy behind the scenes here right now. So for the moment. . .

. . . welcome, Twist readers! I hope you like what you find here. By way of introduction to those who haven’t been here before, I’m a thirty-something mother of two who adores both her math day-job and her creative hobby. Lately, I’ve been writing a series of tutorials on knitting to flatter your inherent shape, doing some self-published design work, and generally enjoying the summertime.

What’s been going on in your world?

17 thoughts on “In astounding company.

  1. Congratulations, Amy! It’s another winner!

  2. i could not get enough of this issue–every sweater more flattering (now that i know how to make mods, thanks to YOU) than the last! i love this one. i might make cityscape first just because i have a colorwork urge, but i can’t imagine how i’ll get them all made before the next issue 🙂 great job!

  3. Twinflower is such a beautiful pattern! Of all the great patterns in the new issue, I think I’ll be making yours first.

  4. It looks amazing on her!! Will we catch up tonight, perhaps and celebrate with a drink at knitting?

  5. Congrats Amy! The sweater is lovely!!

  6. It’s beautiful! Now tell us what body types it should flatter…

  7. It’s such a gorgeous sweater!

  8. okay, so now I’m curious, what’s your math day-job?


  9. Another truly beautiful design Amy! Congratulations.

  10. Congrats! I love all the details and the great balance between fun to knit and nice to wear.

  11. […] Fall 2010 Twist Collective was released today and I’m so excited to see the beautiful design Amy Herzog (aka stashknitrepeat) has created from our Merino Silk DK. “Twinflower” is a fingering/sport-weight pullover […]

  12. OH I LOVE how you centered the Dayflower motiff!

  13. Congratulations on this beautiful design! I love the color, and the detail down the center of the sweater body.

  14. Oh, so lovely! Congratulations, Amy!

  15. You work in maths? I didn’t know. I studied in math too and now work as a software project manager. My creativity level is far from yours! I’m going to Twist to see the whole garnment! Love the sleeves and the color! Congratulations!

  16. Congratulations! You are getting such good press with your designs and the FitToFlatter. Well deserved!

  17. You deserve to be there, its a beautiful knit.

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