FO/Design: Pyromania

I am SO enjoying reading all of your predictions for knitting in the future. I had originally thought of the idea as an opportunity for cheezy sci-fi jokes, but I’m loving all of the really great thoughts emerging in those comments! Be sure to tune in Friday for the thrilling conclusion of the book giveaway.

For now, though, I’m finally ready to release the sock pattern that I’ve had laying around for ages. Just in time to carry you through the rest of your week!

Pyromania is a sock pattern guaranteed to keep you toasty warm this fall.

Sizes: S (M, L)

Final Measurements: Foot circumference measures 6.25 (7.5, 8.75)” / 16 (19, 22) cm

Featured Yarn: The Woolen Rabbit’s Harmony sock yarn in “Oh, Ruby!”: 1 (1, 2) hanks. While I think Kim’s wonderful yarns are some of the best out there, if you want to use another sock yarn you’ll need approximately 275 (360, 460) yds / 250 (330, 420) m for the socks assuming an 8 (9, 10)” / 20.5 (23, 25.5)cm foot length.

Gauge: 8 stitches and 12 rounds = 1” / 2.5 cm in stockinette stitch. Recommended needles are a set of 5 US#1 (2.25mm) double-pointed needles.

Pattern Notes:

The lace pattern at the cuff of this sock is called “Fir Cone Lace”, but I’ve always thought the little circles looked like candle flames. When I found The Woolen Rabbit’s wonderful Harmony sock yarn at a festival in the color “Oh Ruby”, all I could think about was knitting it up into those little flames.

(All photographs copyright splityarn 2010. Do not reproduce without permission.)

Pyromania was born of my love for a little bit of interest combined with lots of stockinette so that I can bring the sock with me everywhere. After you’ve completed the lace panel, the only detailing is a decorative decrease (balanced out by some increased sts) on the side.

I’ve used a standard top-down construction on these socks, with an eye of partridge heel. I love an eye of partridge heel in the subtle variations of a good hand-dyed yarn.

The gussets are your standard fare; the double-decrease detail continues on the instep portion of the sock until the toe, which is closed with your basic kitchener. There really isn’t much more to say about socks–no tips for fit (although keeping the main portion of the sock in stockinette makes it easy to switch between sizes if you have large calves, which is what I did for my own pair). No tips for styling, really.

There is a LOT to say about the yarn, though, mostly along the lines of OMG YOU NEED TO GET YOURSELF SOME RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. It was a dream to work with, the colors are drop-dead gorgeous, and you won’t believe how soft these socks are. Ahem.

I hope you like them! The Pyromania pattern can be purchased either here or in my Ravelry pattern store for US$5.00.

Thanks for your support!

8 thoughts on “FO/Design: Pyromania

  1. Those are great socks. And yes, Kim’s sock yarn is wonderful.

  2. Those are so pretty, Amy. I love that there is some interest, yet basically an easy knit.

  3. Those are gorgeous! Almost enough to make me attempt top-down socks for the first time. (Do I think top-down socks will be hard? No. Am I opposed to Kitchener? No. Have I knit dozens of toe-up socks such that I’m in a rut? No. I just haven’t felt the pull of top-down yet.)

  4. Ooh they’re gorgeous!

  5. I am loving the lace panel and the eye of partridge heel. These look like good candidate for gift giving, too, since they’d take one skein of most hand-dyed yarns, and with so much stockinette, they can be portable and knit with a quickness. Added to the Rav queue!

  6. They’re very cute! The lace patterns looks like little roses to me!

  7. Yippee, I so glad to see the pattern is now available. I’ve been anxiously waiting for it since I saw you blogging about it. These will be the next socks I knit for my daughter. Thanks for yet another wonderful pattern, I’m now off to buy the pattern! Have a wonderful day.

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