If there’s one thing business travel is good for, it’s knitting.

All that time in the airport, these days with an operating systems textbook open on my lap, makes my fingers positively itch. It’s no wonder that I can crank through the back of a sweater quickly!

This is the first of my (2? 3?) Rhinebeck sweaters for the year. I’m calling it “Ayana” and it’s knit in Berroco’s utterly fabulous Ultra Alpaca. I’ve used this yarn for several projects, and am pleased as punch with how it wears and holds up over time. It’s my go-to yarn for kid sweaters, me sweaters, hats, anything. Choosing a color is always a difficult task for me, but this time I wound up with “Beet Root”.

In the shade, it looks like a lovely but fairly standard purple. (Purple is my color this fall, apparently.) In the sunlight, though, these lovely red/pink undertones come out and it looks for all the world like a freshly-cut beet. I am utterly head over heels in love with it and can’t wait to wear the thing.

Will you be at Rhinebeck? (Only 39 days to go!) What will you be wearing, and will you be playing Rhinebeck Bingo?

8 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. This is a rich and beautiful color… No Rhinebeck for me. A friend of mine is going… Maybe next year I should go to see what this is all about!!! Have fun!

  2. I just adore Ultra Alpaca. Its optimum blend of wool and alpaca delivers a soft, warm, beautiful garment. It’s absolutely my favorite yarn and it’s pretty affordable, too. Love your color – looks like plum on my monitor. Knit on, girl!

  3. I’ve knit mittlets in UA, and can’t wait to expand my horizons. The sweater is tantalizing. It will be hard to miss you in that color.

    I just signed on to be a square…my first Rhinebeck bingo, my SIXTH Rhinebeck. Yegads.

  4. I was just thinking yesterday how 2 of my most favorite handknit sweaters are ultra alpaca. For one of them, I couldn’t find a color I loved, so I bought “natural” and hand dyed the yarn- it is so lovely. Shades of blue- from a purpley periwinkle to deep sky slue. I love it. It dyes beautifully too!

  5. ooh, that looks pretty!

    I wish I could go to Rhinebeck…other end of the continent for me.

  6. So…the alpaca content doesn’t make it stretch with wear?

  7. I also have a deep and abiding passion for Ultra Alpaca. I have to force myself to knit with other yarns! And the colors are so fabulous…

  8. I’m not going to Rhinebeck, but my boyfriend’s parents live less than thirty minutes’ drive away. One of these years, I’ll go.

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