We (heart) Ravelry

Who doesn’t love a good sale? Ravelry has an awesome new promotions and coupons feature. In its honor, I’m offering a promotion for the rest of September: Discounts on multiple pattern purchases. For the rest of the month, if you purchase 2 patterns you’ll get $2 off; if you purchase 3, you’ll get $4 off; if you purchase 4, you’ll get $6 off your total.

It’s a fun little diversion as I finish up the second sleeve of my first Rhinebeck sweater for the year:

(Am I the only one who gets a little weirded out at seeing my dress form nude? I always put a shirt on her.)

One (nearly) down, two to go!

3 thoughts on “We (heart) Ravelry

  1. Is that sweater your design? it’s so pretty- I love the deep plum and snaky cables. Or are those cables? Gorgeous, either way!

  2. I HEART the color of this sweater.

  3. Am I the only one that wants your Rhinebeck Sweater as a vest? It looks great!

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