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My first Fit to Flatter classes were this past weekend at Purl Diva in Brunswick, ME, and I had so much fun doing them! I have loved all of the response the tutorials have generated, and treasure each “I finally understand!” email I’ve gotten. But the feeling of standing right there when someone has their lightbulb moment is even more amazing.

The format of the class is this: We spend 10 or 15 minutes going over the most basic principles of knitting to flatter your body’s shape, and then take pictures of each student on which we can draw lines to perform shape analysis. We also take measurements the student will need to make modifications after they leave the classroom. And much of the rest of the class is a mixture of personalized shape analysis (augmented by trying on sweaters and discussing them) and more instruction on relevant things like ease, which modifications are easy to make and more difficult, and balancing style with flattery. We finish the class with a little bit of practice examining patterns students love and determining what modifications each student should make.

I could probably gush about my wonderful students and the great discussions the class sparked for hours. I hope they had as much fun as I did! And of course Ellen, Purl Diva’s owner, is just fantastic to work with. (I’ve been going to her shop, which is near where I grew up, since my best knitting bud Marlena and I excitedly spotted the giant pink “YARN” sign years ago.) I hope to teach many more classes–look for details about a November 13 class at KnitWit in Portland, ME soon! A few more classes are in discussion as well, but if you’d like me to teach near you please don’t hesitate to email me or contact your LYS owner.

And speaking of under discussion, there seemed to be a lot of interest in a follow-on class focused exclusively on the math and step-by-step instructions of making those modifications we discovered for each student in the first class. Ellen and I were chatting yesterday, and wondered how much interest there would be in two additional classes at Purl Diva on Columbus Day weekend (that’s the 9th and 10th of October): One additional “regular” Fit to Flatter class, and then one follow-on class (with the first as a prerequisite) focused on modifications. You’d bring a pattern, your measurement sheet from Class 1, and then we’d all step through the modification math required to turn out a sweater you love. If this sounds like a class and time that you’d like to attend, would you please drop either me or Ellen a line and let us know?

Exciting times, for sure!

7 thoughts on “Hey, Teach!

  1. Fantastic! You have found a gaping abyss in the knitworld, and filled it with intelligent material, thoughtful analysis, and practical tips. Glad you had a good time at PurlDiva.

  2. I agree with Laurie! Hope to catch one of your classes in the future!

  3. SOOOO jealous! If you ever decide to hit Seattle, or even Portland OR, I’m DEFINITELY going to be there!!

  4. I knew this class would rock! I’m so stoked for more of these.

  5. Sounds wonderful…how do you like the new title, Teach?

  6. Hi Amy, I LOVED your fit to flatter series, but had no idea you are what I’d call local (I’m in Augusta). I’ve bookmarked your posts, but have I DONE anything about it? Not yet… a class would be great. I let Ellen know I’m definitely interested. Because, like all of us, I have fit issues! hahahahahaha

  7. I love the gray sweater in the picture you posted. Any idea where I could find the pattern for it?

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