It’s the end of the fiscal year for my company, which means that my job has been even more interrupt-driven than usual these past few weeks. September is never my favorite month for that reason, and by the end I’m always feeling really scattershot and drained. So I’m afraid I don’t have anything coherent or entertaining today, just a random collection of stuff that’s on my mind.

Progress continues on the second Rhinebeck sweater–I hope to have both sweaters debuted and patterns out the week before Rhinebeck. It’s still (barely) doable, although I spent much of the beginning of this week picking apart the seams on my first Rhinebeck sweater, ripping out the sleeve caps, and re-doing them after deciding that I’ve been making them all too snug. (If you’ve purchased one of my sweater patterns, be looking for an update soon!)

While zooming along in the easy part of sweater 2, I’ve been flirting with a number of other ideas.

And I have more classes to tell you about! First, a little detail on the two (!) classes I’m now offering:

The first Fit to Flatter class, noted “F2F #1” below, covers the basics and offers personalized shape analysis. We cover the basic body shapes and principles for dressing to flatter those body shapes, take photos and walk through a personalized shape analysis for every student, including discussion and try-ons, and help you apply the principles to knitting for your particular shape. It’s most helpful if you come dressed in form-fitting clothes (particularly the shirt), and bring along a sweater or two that fit you really well (they needn’t be hand-knit). Much of the class involves trying on different sweaters to get a real hands-on understanding of the modifications you should be making when you knit sweaters for yourself. This is all about getting the basics down and really learning about your own personal shape.

The second, noted “F2F #2” below, offers you guidance through the natural next step after the first class: Knitting yourself a sweater with the modifications we discussed in installment one. You bring your measurements from the first installment and a sweater pattern you want to modify, and we’ll step through all of the math.

You’ll walk away with both knowledge and substantial hand-out material from each class. I’ve written the handout material to minimize the need for note-taking; the classes are a better experience if you can be fully engaged. These are much more participatory classes than lecture classes.

I have four classes currently on the schedule. Click on the links to visit the yarn store’s registration or information page; don’t forget to mention it to your own LYS if you’d like me to bring the class to your area. I’m especially excited to be offering my first Boston-area class on the 6th of November. It will be nice to teach so close to home!

  • October 9, Purl Diva, Brunswick ME: F2F #1, 9-11am, $40, max 6 students.
  • October 10, Purl Diva, Brunswick ME: F2F #2, 9-11am, $40, max 6 students. Prereq: F2F #1.
  • November 6, The Creative Stitch, Hingham MA: F2F #1, 9am-1pm, $65, max 10 students.
  • November 13, KnitWit, Portland, ME: F2F #1, 9am-12pm, $50, max 8 students.

I’m pretty excited to start meeting more of you, either at classes or at Rhinebeck!

3 thoughts on “Scattershot

  1. Hehe. I recognize the yarn up there. Beauteous looking stuff. I know of her through a very good friend of the family. Let me know what you think of it. 🙂 Not tried it yet. Glad you’ve got more classes lined up. It’s a great hit I hear. 🙂 So very happy for you.

  2. Nooo, why are all of the classes I could reasonably get to (east/central MA) in November? There’s no time in November! Keep posting them, and maybe I can swing one in like February… *looks hopeful, makes a note to talk to her LYS*

  3. Good luck with your projects for Rhinebeck and enjoy the classes!!!

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