The best kind of habit.

As I was excitedly bringing home my awesome biggie box bag from the photo shoot I did with Caro this weekend, and gushing about it to my husband . . .

“It’s just the perfect size for a sweater in progress!”
“It’ll keep all those pieces together in one place!”
“The fabric is so nice and stiff so the bag stands up on its own!”
“The pattern on the fabric is so perfect!”
“Look, look how everything fits in it!”

. . . and loading it up with the wee lil pouch I use for my stitch markers, and the slightly larger pouch (out of stock) I use for my stitch holders and needle gauge and tape measure and pencils, and the square box bag I use to keep my yarn tamed (so much more stylish than a ziplock), the husband started laughing.

“What?” I said, innocently.

“You’ve got yourself a bit of a habit there, eh?”

I suppose he has a point. But it’s definitely the best kind of habit to have.

(Curious about the photo shoot? It’s for the imminent release of the first of my Rhinbeck sweaters. I hope to have the pattern up later this week; here’s a sneak peek!

And yes, that was the second Rhinebeck sweater you saw, nestled in the biggie box bag. And you know what? It fits perfectly.)

7 thoughts on “The best kind of habit.

  1. Haha! I can totally relate. 🙂 I wasn’t quick enough to pull the trigger and get one. Can’t wait to see both sweaters.

  2. OF COURSE it fits perfectly! Can’t wait to see… the sneak preview is beautiful… love the color… it would look great on me. 😉

  3. oh yay! It’s done. Can’t wait to see it 🙂 I so love that color.

    Must get me a box bag too. Next time I see Caro!

  4. oh can’t wait to see your next pattern released!

  5. It’s a constructive habit. Makes life fun. Keeps things organized. I see win win win, and a bemused husband.

    The sweater is tantalizing…the yarn looks squooshy. I am looking forward to the reveal.

  6. Love the shade of plum and the cuff deets.

  7. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for introducing me to the Box Bags! I, too, believe in the power of bags to organise. I have faced ridicule for my beliefs, but who do they come to when they cannot find their stuff? 🙂 …My husband has been know to call me a bag lady.
    I think I *need* one of those bags. And the smaller ones…
    The sweater looks like it may be gorgeous… waiting to have my suspicions confirmed.

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