On my way

To a weekend I look forward to every year. Rhinebeck! Oh, how I’ve missed you.

If you’re playing Rhinebeck Bingo and trying to find me, I’ll be wearing Ayana on Saturday. On Sunday, I’ll be wearing another new design. I think it would be fun to keep the big reveal for after the festival, but here’s sneak preview:

(Mmm, Quince and Co’s Osprey.)

Naturally, there should be lots of nice yarn there, but since you never know when there might be a catastrophic shortage, I’ll also be bringing along some lovelies to keep my needles busy:

See you there!

9 thoughts on “On my way

  1. so jealous! wish I could be there. can’t wait to see that new sweater… please post soon. And enjoy your weekend!

  2. The one’s you’re bringing along look absolutely gorgeous as well! 🙂

  3. Wish I was going…unfortunately not in the cards this year (or last). Next year no matter what! Have fun!

  4. See you there!

  5. You are so prolific! Hope to see you tomorrow – I’ll be there for Sat. only, unfortunately.

  6. Have fun!! Thank goodness I’m so busy I can barely breathe or I’d just about go crazy with the not going to Rhinebeck again…
    ; )

  7. Sooooo envious! Want to have a knit date sometime soon and you can tell me all about it?

  8. Hope you’re having a nice weekend at Rhinebeck! One of my friend is going (I’ve never been) and I look forward to see what she bought and the stories she will bring back!!!

  9. Oh wow, I’m so jealous! I’m thinking I’ll have to make a concerted effort to get to Rhinebeck next year. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures there!

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