Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Which is to say, Vestvember wound up being a bust for me this year.

But the pieces are now blocking, and all that remains is seaming and armhole/neck edgings. If I don’t finish the entire thing tonight, I surely will on my train trip to Stitches with Style for the fit to flatter classes this weekend. I’m so excited to go, both for the classes themselves and for the train trip. I’ve fallen behind in my (self-imposed) knitting deadlines lately, and I could really use the alone time to catch up. I’ve been forgetting my knitting in the mornings, and am shocked at how much I was apparently getting done in our afternoon playdates.

A few new classes are in the works and finally public. I’m especially excited to have my classes at WEBS finally available for sign-ups. These have been in the works for a long time, and it’s thrilling to finally be able to share them with you. There will be two classes at WEBS this spring, on January 15 and March 5. You can sign up here–hope to see some of you there!

Things look less rosy for a class just before Vogue Knitting Live; most everyone is busy prepping for the show. I suppose if there’s interest I could investigate doing something in a room at the conference hotel, but my instinct is to wait for a weekend later in the spring and try to do a full weekend in the city–perhaps a class in Brooklyn on one day, Manhattan on the other. And the announcement mailing list I mentioned in the last post should be available next week! I’m going to use a WordPress widget that will mail everyone posts I’ve marked with the “Announcements” category; people will be able to customize this to select messages from other categories too if they like. Unfortunately, before this is usable for people I need to hack and slash the category cruft that has built up over the years. Fun fun!

Here’s to a knitting-filled weekend for us all. See you next week!

5 thoughts on “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

  1. Doesn’t sound like “a bust” if you are really that close to finishing! Just because it’s a few days late doesn’t mean it’s a failure. What would a failure be? Having to rip it all out. Not making any progress past the first week. Having a pet chew through it. Then I think you could call it a bust!

    The color looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see it.

    And great about the new classes! I still hope you will come down to DC sometime.

  2. For NYC, try contacting Pearl at Knitty City. She’s always very receptive and enthusiastic about holding classes with young & upcoming designers; and the shop is very nice. It’s on 79th and Amsterdam, on the upper west side.

  3. Looking forward to welcoming you to Delaware! Have a save and productive trip 🙂

  4. Close enough on the vest. Really. It’s when it stretches into January, that it is late. (I thought I was the sole user of horseshoes and hand grenades as metaphor….) Have a great trip, fun classes!

  5. I too had a vest that was just thrown to the curb for other things!! Poor vestvember! I guess Vesturary!? haha! And, if you want to pop by Hoboken, we’re right across the river! (great view of the city too!)

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