Re-entry is hard!

Fortunately, giving away sock yarn is not. Thanks to my favorite random number generator, Blogless Rachel won the contest with her comment:

I tried to knit some heavy socks to walk around the house in. It was my intention to felt them so they would be thick and sturdy. So of course before it was felted, it was really big and not knowing the process, my kids would say, “If that’s a sock, it must be for the Loch Ness Monster!”. So afterwards when they realized that they were very comfortable, etc., they ask for a pair of Loch Ness Monster socks. Not the name I intended but there all the same.

Too cute! Rachel–you should have mail from me asking for your address; let me know if you don’t.

Vogue Knitting Live was as wonderful an experience as one would expect, despite an utterly baffling lack of couches to knit and coffee to sip whilst doing so. I had a marvelous time meeting new friends and old, knitting away on some pieces that have to be finished soon, and taking classes. Oh, and being more than a little star-struck when the super-gracious Fiona Ellis allowed Caro and I to take pictures with her after our class on Morphing Cables:

The class was great, as was my class on knitting with silk hankies with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. (Note: Knitters as perfectionist as I am, and as un-fond of mess as I am, should probably drink a glass of wine before taking this class. Just to take the edge off.) The lecture I attended, given by Clara Parkes, was such an eloquent and thought-provoking look at this industry and every knitter’s place in it that I’ve been mulling things over since walking out of the room.

All in all, an amazing weekend and hoo boy it’s hard to pop back into regular life.

The yarn was pretty fantastic, too.

(Some lovelies from Bijou Basin and Lion Brand’s LB Collection.)

And now, it’s back to furiously knitting my evenings away while the snow piles up outside at an alarming rate. But I can’t get too upset about the snow–I’m taking the kids outside for some ice skating, sledding, and snowshoeing this weekend and really looking forward to it.

And to combat the inevitable it’s-almost-February doldrums, I now have green things growing in my kitchen!

Thanks for your thoughts on the February 6th class. I think if I can get 10 students for that date, I’ll make the class a go. So if you’re interested and haven’t already said so, send email?

Happy knitting!

5 thoughts on “Re-entry is hard!

  1. I must ask – where did you get those adorable little seedling starters?! I’ve never seen those before!

  2. I am an RSS subscriber to the blog and lurk as far as commenting is concerned. I LOVE to knit!Found your site through Julie’s Knitting at Large blog.
    I was THRILLED to see another AG enthusiast who loves to knit too.
    Corinne(from the forum).

  3. Hi Amy! So thrilled for you in your knitting career, delighted that I knew you a few years ago when I was first learning to knit, congratulations!
    Also, I’m seconding the question about the seedlings.

  4. Um, what are those things growing on your table? No pots? No outside lighting?? I’m so confused….

  5. What are those little seedling holders you have? They’re adorable and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen them in real life…

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