Late-breaking weekend news: Feb 6 class!

Thanks so much for all the Shoshana love, folks! And for those who asked, the seedlings in the post before that are an Aerogarden. We love ours–it keeps us in herbs all winter while our 3-season porch is an icicle.

I seem to have enough interest in a class on February 6 (even with the game!) to make running a Fit to Flatter class a reasonable idea. I’ve secured classroom space at the YMCA in Cambridge, MA (on Mass Ave) from 1-5pm. The space is both T- and car-accessible, and I can accept between 7 and 15 students for this time frame.

This will be a 4-hour F2F class, for $75, covering all the usual stuff:

  • Standard body shapes, modifying factors, and why your shape matters way more than your size
  • How clothing changes the appearance of our body’s shape to others, and the different ways we can manipulate this for our benefit
  • Types of sweater patterns that look best on each figure type, driven into reality by lots and lots of trying on samples
  • Personalized shape analysis and detailed measurements
  • How to choose what size to knit, ease, and modifying existing patterns
  • (Did I mention lots and lots of trying on?)
  • General sweater tips and tricks
  • Whatever topics students bring to class in addition to these

If you have interest in attending the class, please let me know through a comment and/or by emailing me at stashknitrepeat at gmail?

Thanks, and hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Late-breaking weekend news: Feb 6 class!

  1. Oh, how I wish I wasn’t so many states away! I’d love to take this class from you. 🙂

  2. Hi Amy,
    I attended your 2 hour F2F class at Purl Diva last year (even though I live in the Boston area), but couldn’t attend your F2F mods class. I was wondering if you were going to offer a F2F mods class again this year, either in the Boston area or somewhere else, or if I should attend a 4 hour class instead. Thanks!

  3. Amy, I am so sorry to say that I will be unable to attend the class on 2/6. My husband has come up with a last minute surprise weekend adventure. These things happen too rarely to blow him off. Plus a good marriage is hard to come by. I assure you, I will drive multiple hours to make it to your next available class.

    Sorry for the late notice.

  4. It looks like such an interesting subject! I’ll have to take my measurements one of these days and read your posts in more details… One of my friend did and really liked it!

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