Plodding along

I’m putting the finishing touches on the vest I showed you last time, and starting up some new stuff I can’t talk about (but which is very very very very exciting), and all in all it’s been too gray here today to get any good shots of anything.

Including my new haircut, so you’ll just have to make do with an out-of-focus one!

I haven’t had my hair this short… well, ever, really. But I love it. It’s spunky and confident and sassy, a much better fit for my personality than the lovely-but-somehow-more-romantic-than-I-really-am locks.

19 thoughts on “Plodding along

  1. You look great! I just chopped mine off last week. It’s a nice treat for the coming spring.

  2. Loving the hair! Do you feel like a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders?? Literally!!

  3. Oh! I love it! Your hair looks great! Can’t wait to see the finished vest!

  4. I love your hair! My DH won’t let me cut mine off!

  5. Love the hair!! Wait till you see it with all your different necklines, that’s kind of fun to play with….

    We’re bob hair buddies now!

  6. I love the new hair! And I know just what you mean about shorter hair just seeming to fit with a sassier personality. My hair is currently quite long and pretty much everyone agrees that it looks better than ever, but I’m still torn…wanting my spunky bob back!

  7. love the new cut!

  8. Love your new hair! Can’t wait to see everything you’re working on!

  9. Oh the new hair looks fantastic! And blurry or not, this is a really pretty picture of you. Love!

  10. Wow you look great with that hair cut!!

  11. Your hair is gorgeous! It’s so elegant against your skin tone!

  12. Great new haircut! It’s sassy, just like you!

  13. Loving the hair! Spring seems to be taking its sweet time getting here, but you’re already prepared for the eventual arrival 🙂

    Looking forward to your visit to Newark next weekend!

  14. Your hair looks adorable, Amy! Keep this up and you’ll be doing a Cut to Flatter tutorial 🙂

  15. You did it! It looks fantastic!

  16. Stunning! I never imagined you’d go that short when we were talking about it, though I don’t know why because it suits you perfectly.

  17. Your hair looks great. I like that mid-length on a lot of people. And you can still do a lot with it!

  18. The haircut looks great – fresh and new. Curiosity is piqued with your WIP tease.

  19. I’m late chiming in, but I think your new ‘do is very flattering.

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