Dribs and Drabs

Nobody really means to disappear off the face of the earth in the middle of a blog contest, right? So sorry about that! First things first: My favorite random number generator tells me that the winning comment of the Knitting Plus Giveaway is comment 50, in which Knitiot said:

My best friend/maid of honor needs this book. Her confidence in her knitting skills as well as her shape arenโ€™t nearly as strong as they should be, and I think this book could really help her with both. Thank you for the fantastic review!


And thanks for all the lovely comments and great response to Sebasco too, I’m so glad you like it. Of course, I’m already hard at work on the next design–I’d like to get one more out before the depths of summer crush us all.

Isn’t the color just lovely?

Also, my class schedule for my upcoming trip to California is full! Please, if you’re in the Bay Area, consider taking one of my three classes there:

As far as I know, all three of these classes still have space left. I’m not likely to get back to the Bay Area soon, so if you’d like to take a class here’s your chance!

Though I am going to be in Portland, OR for Sock Summit. I’m considering trying to teach a class either before the event on Wednesday or after the event on Sunday night / Monday, if there’s interest. If you might be interested in such a class, could you please let me know your time preference and any location suggestions you have?

Hope the spring is all treating you well!

15 thoughts on “Dribs and Drabs

  1. Yay! My first giveaway win! Thank you so much, and let me know when you’re in Chicago so I can come to your class!

  2. Ooh, I live in Portland and would absolutely LOVE to take a class from you! I’d recommend Twisted (twistedpdx.com), but I’d go anywhere you were. I really hope that works out! I’d given up hope of seeing you first hand, being on opposite coasts and all…

    (I’ll send the ladies at Twisted a note to let them know you’re considering a trip out.)

  3. I would love to take your class pre/post sock summit. I would prefer wednesday, but I could also do Sunday. Thank you for offering this opportunity!

  4. any chance of you heading down to LA??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. pleasepleaseplease teach a class in Portland! I wasn’t planning to go to Sock Summit, but I’ll drive down from Seattle if you can find a time/location for your class. No strong preference about when the class is offered.

  6. If you were to teach AFTER the Sock Summit, I’d be all over your class! I’ve wanted to take one forever! I’m unable to get off work that week, but I’ll be driving down from Seattle and happy to take a Sunday night or Monday class! Please let us know.

  7. I always look longinly at your posts about classes! A class in Portland would be fantastic! I will definitely attend either Wednesday or Sunday. We have a number of great LYS here that I’m sure could host you. In addition to Twisted above (which is close to the Convention Center), you should contact Yarn Garden, Happy Knits or Close Knit.

  8. Ooh, a class in Portland would be great! Either before or after is fine with me. Some possible suggestions for location (besides Twisted) are Happy Knits and KnitPurl.

  9. I’d love to take a class from you in PDX!Twisted is easy for me.

  10. I am very disappointed that I will be away when you hold your classes in the Bay Area. Hopefully next time you are here I will be also. Have you thought of designing a fine lace knit top for the summer – I’d love to see one.

  11. I would love a class in Portland. I always look longinly at your listing of classes on the East Coast. A Wednesday class would be fantastic. In addition to Twisted (listed above), you should check with Yarn Garden, Happy Knits or Close Knit.

  12. yes, please teach a class in Portland! I would suggest Happy Knits or Twisted as well.

  13. I would love to come to a class in Portland and would echo the suggestions given here. Twisted would be my first suggestion too and I would come before or after!

  14. OMG – i live just 10 minutes away from Piedmont Yarn. i’m going to check in with them this instant about a place in the class. i look forward to seeing you there!

  15. Wednesday! We’re coming out to be vendors and I’d love to take your class before the exhaustion starts in. ๐Ÿ™‚

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