California Dreamin’

My trip to California was absolutely wonderful, from the time I got to spend with very dear friends to my wonderful students at Purlescence Yarns, Piedmont Yarn, and ImagiKnit, to the conference I was there to attend in the first place.

Plus, I got tons of knitting done! The yellow cardigan I’ve been working in is just waiting the tech editor’s tender ministrations, and I’m already most of the way through my next project:

It’s in the butter-soft Valley Yarns Sheffield, which is indescribably wonderful to work with. It’s a retro-inspired cardigan that I hope you’ll all like.

On my last day in California, as I was leaving Oakland of course I had to stop at A Verb for Keeping Warm. What a beautiful, beautiful store run by absolutely lovely people. I couldn’t help but partake of some of their delightfulness:

As a bonus, they even showed me their adorable dye garden out back. I left the store buzzing with ideas.

Next, it’s on to TNNA! I’m hoping to do a bunch of FO shots there for fall pattern releases, make great connections for some other upcoming projects, and generally have fun knitting and connecting with online friends. If you’re going to be there too and want to catch up, drop me a line!

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  1. I’m so jealous of your going to A Verb for Keeping Warm! Some day I’ll make it out there – some day…

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