Warning: Curves Ahead.

It’s no secret that while I love all body shapes, I’m most enamored with the hourglass form.

I have lots of designs coming up for fall that slip easily into any kind of wardrobe, that flatter all kinds of shapes, but this spring I was on a serious curves kick. Have you seen Caro’s Petrea (rav link)? I love my Petrea, don’t get me wrong, but my hourglass waist took a hike with the first 9+ pound baby. Caro has the shape I had in mind when I sketched Petrea in the first place, and it looks jaw-droppingly stunning on her. (Seriously, click through that link. Mrowr.)

This weekend I put the finishing touches on another springtime design that I’m calling Vignette.

This cardigan definitely also highlights and celebrates a curvy figure, but unlike Petrea it will exaggerate the curves on those of us with straighter figures, making us look more hourglass.

I’m a little stymied as to what to do with it, actually. Most of my designs for the fall will be released in two collections: One a collaboration with other fabulous designers (squee), and one of my own designs following a striped theme. And then there’s this sweet little sweater-girl cardi. Do I release it on its own? Do I save it up for some larger collection in the winter?

Thoughts? Desires? Do you prefer individual pattern releases, or the excitement of a full collection being released all at once?

23 thoughts on “Warning: Curves Ahead.

  1. I think you realeases one ata time to give us a little something to work on . But then something toi look forward to.

  2. I’m a fan of the individual release. But maybe you could do both- and offer a slight savings if someone ordered the full pattern book.

  3. I prefer individual releases too!

  4. I think it’s easier to appreciate the fine points of a design when they are presented to me individually. I don’t have a lot of sweaters going at once, though that’s all I knit. With your blog and Ravelry group, your designs are getting excellent exposure with those of us who actually knit sweaters. Your work is great!

  5. I’m a fan of the individual release as well; as much as I love pattern books and booklets, sometimes it’s a little daunting to buy several sweater patterns all at once.

  6. Caro’s Petrea is gorgeous, but then so is yours.

    I have a question about Petrea actually – would it be possible to knit with fitted sleeves instead of the flared ones?

  7. I’m with the crowd on this…one at a time works best for me. That way I don’t have to weigh the whole collection at once, and try to decide whether or not to “go for it”. Sometimes a bunch at once is over-whelming. 🙂

  8. Count me on the “individual release” bandwagon too. I find that when, say, a new Knitty issue comes out, I miss patterns that would otherwise appeal to me because they get lost in the shuffle.

    And I’m not just saying that because I’m dying to see the rest of this sweater.

    Well, maybe a little. 🙂

  9. I like the individual patterns best. I find that though a collection is nice it can be overwhelming and I end up not making anything. Love your new site. Great job!!!

  10. I definitely prefer individual releases as well. And this comment thread has been really enlightening in this regard! I like to see collections, and it seems a lot of them are being released nowadays, but I find that I tend to gloss over the individual components when taking in the overall aesthetic (if that makes sense). I think as a knitter I’m most likely to queue/buy/knit things that are available individually, and have my attention drawn to them individually (in separate posts or whatnot) but if they’re available as part of a collection with an overall aesthetic that I like, that’s great too!

  11. Another vote for single patterns. I love your designs and approach, but it seems like everyone is doing collections right now. If I like one or two patterns from each, it becomes too costly, and I’ll probably end up buying none of them.

  12. I prefer single patterns also, in fact I tend to agree with what Wanda says. Great new site!

  13. Hourglass? heh, after 60 years and twins and… well, let’s just say, more like grandfather cuckoo clock..
    looking forward to the new design!

  14. I agree with the other comments. I like the occasional individual release 🙂 I also love that the pattern will be geared towards ladies like myself. I also lost what little hourglass I had after a 9 lb baby…and the 10 lb 12 oz one that followed him totally blew it out of the water, lol.

  15. Yes. Individual release, so while I work on one fabulous pattern (Petrea in glorious red!!) I can dream about the next! Loving the curves!!

  16. I’d say I prefer individual pattern releases. I think that when there is a set, you cannot appreciate the patterns as much… Just a thought…

  17. I much prefer individual releases of patterns. I’m a slow knitter and would prefer to work on just one pattern at a time (well, one MAJOR project like a sweater – I always have a scarf and/or a hat and/or fingerless mitts on the needles as well). And sometimes a set of patterns will include something I will never make, but I have to buy it in order to get the one(s) I will make.

  18. Release it around labor day? Many places have an indian summer that extends through mid-October so it’s often too soon to break out the heavy wools (even to knit with) in September.

  19. I’ve been dying to see this sweater since you posted the guage swatch weeks ago. I think I absolutely need it as soon as possible. I also prefer individual releases because it’s easier to justify the purchase with my husband! 🙂

    I love your work and cannot wait to see more!

  20. I generally prefer individual releases, or at least the option to buy individually from a collection.

    I also like the high-info details you give about a design on your blog. For example, I was looking for a vest pattern for some yarn I had purchased to knit a pattern that I didn’t realize had a significant amount purling through the back loop. I just can’t ptbl to any significant degree without hurting my wrists. I had bought that pattern in vain. You mentioned in your Sebasco vest notes that the edging employed daisy stitch. I looked it up in BW and swatched it. I got gauge and had no problems with the stitch pattern. So Sebasco it is!

    Vignette looks lovely! But I’m going to knit Sebasco first.

  21. Okay, perhaps I’m in the minority but I can’t afford the individual release price and would rather “get more bang for my buck” and buy the book. $20 for a book that holds anywhere from 10 to 40 patterns in it is a better invest of my tight budget than $6 for one single pattern.

  22. Another vote for individual release. Will look forward to it!

  23. Congratulations! You can be proud, you have a lot of talent! I hope I can buy a copy of the magazine soon!

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