Wool season.

(First things first! There are still some spaces left in my class this weekend at KnitWit in Portland. It’s always such a pleasure to be in Maine, and I hope to see you there!)

The air is crisp and I’m newly refreshed from a fantastic weekend with my bestest buds. This year, we rented a farmhouse. So my Rhinebeck experience started with Caro’s famed habanero margarita and some seaming:

Continued with gorgeous views from every window:

Swept through a couple of fantastic classes, and of course ended with some yarn.

Really, how could it not? Rhinebeck ALWAYS ends in more yarn. Though this time I held out until the very last moment–these purchases were all made after 4:30pm on Sunday. (The classes helped my resolve.)

And now I’m back to real life!

Which, my editor informs me, can include sharing some very exciting news with you: I’m working on a book with the utterly fantastic STC/Melanie Falick books. I don’t want to talk about things too much (my final deadline is still pretty far away and I wouldn’t want the excitement of the big moment to get spoiled!), but I definitely wanted to share with you what’s been keeping me busy “backstage”.

How is your fall so far?

5 thoughts on “Wool season.

  1. Hi Amy, Wish I could attend another class with you in Maine & really really hope to make Rhinebeck some year. I’ll definitely be in the line for your book (great publishing house). I expect to start Petrea soon & will do a wooly wintery version so I can use soonest. Cheers! Kathleen

  2. Congrats on your book deal!

  3. My fall is awsome so far! Having a shawl test knit, working on another pattern and looking forward to seeing you at the Yarn Lounge in Richmond…Yeah!

  4. I Love that you’re doing a book. What a huge amount of work. I know it’s a long way off, but I look forward to it. Congrats!

  5. For a minute there I was excited when I read Portland and was wondering where KnitWit was…then I noticed the Maine. Oh well.

    Congratulations on your continued successes. I am anxiously awaiting The Charles Collection. Keep on designing your wonderful sweaters and helping us all to love the things that we knit and to wear them with pride.

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