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Thanks so much for your wonderful reception of The Charles Collection! Your lovely comments and compliments mean so much to us all. Now I can’t wait to see the projects people make with it!


I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of the dreaded Snowtober that rocked the East Coast this weekend. Our home was thankfully spared incident, but things were messy enough that we decided to postpone my Sunday class at Knit Wit in Portland, ME. We’ve rescheduled for Sunday, 20 November, and there are now a couple of spots open if you’d like to join us! After hearing from my dad about the situation in Maine, I’m glad we postponed, though it was a tough call to make before a single flake of snow had flown.

The freezing temperatures sent my kids scurrying for their hand knits. And guess what fits now!

He wore it out all day on Sunday and proclaimed it the “best ever”. And then requested to go to Peru to visit the alpacas. I told him we’d get right on that.


Finally, I present to you the best. mail. day. ever.

A new pair of shoes, a sweater’s worth of the aptly-named ‘Breathless’, and a t-shirt memento of my Rhinebeck weekend. Nothing better.

Although a fruit bat and his brother Mario come within spitting distance.

Happy Halloween!

7 thoughts on “Bits and bobs

  1. WHERE did you get that amazing shirt? I love it!

  2. LOL – so you must have been having supper with Stephanie when she was trying to sew together her albatross… I mean Gwen sweater. I love everything in your pile. Where did you find such cute shoes?!?!

  3. ohhh shalimar has a merino-cashmere-silk blend?! I love their yarns. I’m going to have to see if we have any of that in town for me to ogle.

  4. That shirt rocks!

  5. Your son’s sweater is so lovely! What pattern is that? I imagine you’ve said before, but I just found your blog.

  6. Congratulations for your design in the Twist Collective! I do agree that it is another great issue! Have a nice end of 2011, seems like you are going to keep busy and creative! Cheers!

  7. May we ask where you found those cute shoes, Amy?

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