Little things

Work? One of those weeks.

Sleep? Not enough of it.

Guitar lessons? Going REALLY poorly.

Time? Not enough of it.


Swatching’s going super-well, and a good stripe can make up for a lot.

5 thoughts on “Little things

  1. My plate was full at two little children. But I’m confident you can do all this. And do it well!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, we gave up guitar lessons for the time being. Getting A to practice was like pulling teeth, so we’ll wait until he’s developed some more maturity in the far-flung future.

  3. This is a good Friday post! 😉

  4. Hoping you are able to sleep in a bit today. Love the swatch tease above.

  5. With that swatch, I’d call this week a success!

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