The Charles Collection: F2F Style (Revere House)

One of the best things about living near the best photographer ever, and having exceedingly tolerant friends, is that I occasionally get the chance to throw some sweaters on a bunch of different people.

I’d been thinking for awhile that it would be cool to show the sweaters of The Charles Collection on a different group of body types. Recently, the stars aligned and I had the lovely Erin, Jackie, Stitchy, and Kellee all in one place with Caro and her camera nearby. We did a Fit to Flatter-style photoshoot of the collection sweaters on these gorgeous women, all with different body shapes.

Want to see the results? I had four of the sweaters on hand, so to keep your work week interesting I’ll do a mini-post on each sweater for the next four days.

Revere House, by Kirsten Kapur, is this fantastic combination of bolds: Bold color, bold collar, bold cable. I love it. The styling is beautiful and flattering. In the collection, it’s shown on a straighter, smaller-busted figure so I knew I wanted to get at least a couple of shots of Revere on a bustier figure.

Of course everyone loved the sample, and Erin wore the asymmetrical cardigan open at first. I think the straight lines of the cable and the longer length combine well with the waist shaping to highlight Erin’s curves. We also had her wear it closed–it looked adorable that way, too:

We balanced the breadth of the collar by leaving the bottom unbuttoned. Erin wears Revere House with an inch or so of negative ease in the bust.

Jackie has a couple of inches of positive ease in the bust with Revere House, and a straighter shape. Her shape is more similar to the model, but that little bit of positive ease gives the sweater a different feel:

I think it looks gorgeous on Jackie, and with a completely different feel. The collar and long length/sleeves balance one another out and preserve her proportions, and the buttoned line gives the piece a slight military flair.

Finally, Stitchy tried it on.

Once again, the effect of wearing the cardigan open is to highlight the wearer’s curves. Stitchy is wearing the cardigan with a few inches of negative ease in the bust. The collar draws the eye up, and the open bottom skims over her hips without clinging or drawing attention to them.

I hope you enjoyed this alternate view of Revere House! You can get it here as part of The Charles Collection. Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at Beacon Hill.

12 thoughts on “The Charles Collection: F2F Style (Revere House)

  1. I’m definitely seeing new possibilities in this cardigan 🙂 Thanks for the photo shoot!

  2. omg, this is such a gorgeous sweater! and looks so great on all three of them.

  3. So, I thought it was the green sweater I would have to knit first, but seeing this photo makes me re-think things. The side buttons and collar are just kind of awesome.

  4. The sweater is fantastic and they all wear it well, but that is a PHENOMENAL photo of Stitchy. Rawr!

  5. Oh this is great! That’s such a great sweater and it’s interesting to see how different it looks on all of them. It’s so much more jacket-like with the positive ease.

  6. Knowing the amount of negative or positive ease as seen on the modelled sweater is – to me – the most important bit of information the designer can give the knitter. Thanks so much.

  7. Gorgeous women, all of them! And seeing sweaters on different body types never gets old!

  8. It always amazes me to see how different the same piece can look on different people. And now I need to make this, too. 😀 In fact, this photo shoot added a whole lot to my To Do list.

  9. I am so grateful that there are people like you that think to put these sweaters on real women. It’s so frustrating to pick up a magazine (Vogue Knitting, I’m looking at you) and see only super slim women wearing the designs. Ravelry has totally changed my outlook on knitting for the same reason.

  10. If I had my way, I’d do this with every sweater I ever knit. I LOVE seeing how different the same sweater can look!

  11. Thanks for the comparisons
    Gives a more complete understanding of sweater lines

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