The Charles Collection: F2F Style (Beacon Hill)

Thanks so very much for your comments yesterday! I’m glad you’re all enjoying the pictures.

As a reminder, a few weeks ago the stars aligned and I had the lovely Erin, Jackie, Stitchy, and Kellee all in one place with Caro and her camera nearby. We did a Fit to Flatter-style photoshoot of sweaters from The Charles Collection on these gorgeous women, all with different body shapes. This week, I’m sharing the results of a different sweater each day.

I wear Beacon Hill regularly. Man, there is just nothing quite like a lovely fingering-weight sweater. Kellee and Stitchy agreed.

As you can see, today continues our theme of Stitchy looking great in everything. She’s wearing this sweater with about an inch of positive ease in the high-bust measurement I like to use. In the pattern photos (which you can see here), I’m wearing it with zero ease in the high-bust and 2 inches of negative ease in the full bust. The boat neck broadens Stitchy’s shoulders and draws the eye up; the notches in the side of the sweater let it skim over her hips instead of clinging.

Kellee wears the sweater with a similar amount of ease, but her shape is different, leading to a different look:

The neckline and sleeves are both broadening. This makes the waist look smaller by comparison, giving Kellee a decidedly hourglass silhouette in this sweater. (Also, this color was pretty much made for her.) I admit that I usually wear jeans with the sweater, but Kellee brought along this gorgeous skirt and they looked stunning together. I’m impressed by how versatile Kim’s yarn is!

And there you have it–Beacon Hill. Tomorrow, we’ll look at Lexington, and Thursday we’ll wrap up with New Towne. You can get The Charles Collection here.

2 thoughts on “The Charles Collection: F2F Style (Beacon Hill)

  1. That yarn is SO GORGEOUS. And I love love love the sleeve cuff on this sweater. LOVE.

  2. This is more my style
    it’s something I’d feel comfy wearing.
    The neckline, cuff and bottom make this very feminine
    Again, thanks for the comparisons.

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