The Charles Collection: F2F Style (Lexington)

Here we go, day 3!

As a reminder, a few weeks ago the stars aligned and I had the lovely Erin, Jackie, Stitchy, and Kellee all in one place with Caro and her camera nearby. We did a Fit to Flatter-style photoshoot of sweaters from The Charles Collection on these gorgeous women, all with different body shapes. This week, I’m sharing the results of a different sweater each day.

Today’s sweater is Lexington. I’ve brought this sample to my Fit to Flatter classes a few times now, and it’s universally loved. The cable panels and rib are slimming and provide great shaping, the tweed is gorgeous, and the sweater is so soft. It was a favorite in our dress-up session, too!

Stitchy and Kellee wear Lexington with a couple of inches of positive ease in the bust. (And in the pattern photos, I’m wearing it with about an inch of positive ease in the upper bust and about an inch, inch and a half of negative ease in the full bust.) I just love everything about both of them in this sweater:

Aren’t they gorgeous?

You can find The Charles Collection here, and I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for New Towne in the final installment!

2 thoughts on “The Charles Collection: F2F Style (Lexington)

  1. I loved wearing this sweater at Rhinebeck. This post reminds me that I need to find the time to make one for myself.

  2. They do look gorgeous! I may need to knit this for myself. But I am shaped a bit more like Erin, which makes me wonder: how come she’s not posing in this one? And what about Jackie?

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