Enjoying the needles

I’ve been busy with final pattern edits this week, but I have definitely luxuriated in the ability to knit or not, as I felt like it.

Of course, I’ve felt like it! This is a multiple-choice pattern that I’ve had partially-finished for ages. It will be offered with a bunch of options for customizing the sweater to fit your style–different trim depths, different sleeve lengths, different necklines. I’m especially excited about the photo shoot for this one, since my good friend Jackie and I are going to team up. She’ll be wearing the green sample, I’ll be wearing the teal. There will be beaches, and espadrilles. I’m hoping for an overcast day.

Since I’m just about done with the “main knitting” part of this project, I’ve also got my next design lined up. Something totally new, borne of a conversation I was having with Kim about my favorite colors and my desperate desire to do something I hadn’t designed a year ago.

This will be another multiple-choice number (actually, about half of the designs I’m thinking about for fall will be this way, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on that). Either a cardigan or a tank pullover, since I expect I might want to release it before the weather turns cool in North America (it’s nice to have options for all seasons). I’ve been playing around with working shaping into the stitch pattern, and I think I’ve got it now. So look for more in-progress pics of this soon!

The design I’m excited about after THAT (can you tell I’m a bit backed up?) is a birthday gift for my dearest friend. She’s been wanting a longer-lined, shaped cardigan that will flatter her straighter, broad-shouldered figure and I think I have just the thing. It’ll be an exciting summer, that’s for sure!

10 thoughts on “Enjoying the needles

  1. I like what I see of the teal sweater and can’t wait to see the pattern! Just noticed the green version and I’m curious about that too. I really appreciate that your next patterns will be multiple choice. It’s so helpful when the designer provides options.

  2. So you are going to go with that pattern then? I remember it was the one I voted for when you posted them on Twitter. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. I recently purchased your fit to flatter series and now I’m so excited to cast on for a sweater! I would love some choose your own adventure knits designed by you so that I could really form the sweater to my shape!! Thanks!!

  4. oh I LOVE that stitch! if only I could knit … that would be the pattern.

  5. I love the pattern with choices idea for customizing! Can’t wait for publication so I can start one. Also love the pattern in the swatch.

  6. Options are really the way to go – we come in so many shapes and sizes that one choice fits all doesn’t work at all. Keep it up Amy. Today in wintry Tasmania I’m wearing Wintry Mix in rhubarb and loving it – Thanks!

  7. I love patterns with options so that I can adapt the pattern for my DDs different styles and put my own stamp on the finished product. Thanks for doing that.

  8. Love the preview of that teal sweater. I’m excited to see the full pattern. The cuff and band look great!

  9. I really like the idea of multiple size patterns. I’m not one size all over ;). The swatch pattern is amazing. I’ve developed a fondness for tanks and vests as my body temperature fluctuates wildly these days. Can’t wait to see the book!

  10. I’m loving that sweater design so far… can’t wait to see how it finishes! I’m currently knitting a pair of mittens (a late graduation gift) and an amigurumi starfish (a late baby shower gift).

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