A fun weekend

I just had a glorious weekend away, and I’m still awash in the energy and happiness I always bring home from R&R weekends. They’re good for the soul, you know?

They’re good for FO photography, too. We found a perfect spot to take pictures of that last little tidbit I showed you.


Can’t wait to show you the results! I’ll be ready to release the pattern as soon as tech editing is finished.

In the meantime, I’m racing to the end of the second sleeve of the little cabled number. The yarn is so yummy, I don’t want to stop working with it!

…though the next sweater in the queue is in some pretty scrumptious yarn, too. Do I knit with any other kind?

2 thoughts on “A fun weekend

  1. Love the Cape! Glad you had fun and that it was inspiring!

  2. life is way too short to knit with crappy yarn! can’t wait to see the new designs

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